Do you want to be a travel writer?


Hello Fair Citizen of SheGoesica, Do you dream of sharing your travel stories with the world? Have you recently been on a trip? Do you simply like reviewing travel-related books, films and gadgets? If you answered yes to any of the above, SheGoes wants you! SheGoesica is a democracy and as self-appointed Communications Director, I want […]

Travel Tales: Chris Sheedy


Name: Chris Sheedy Age: 38  Occupation: Professional writer Favourite travel destination? Why?: The city of Rome, because it represents everything good about the world – history, future, passion, fashion, food, wine, community, art, beauty, decay, life and death. Worst travel experience? What happened?: High on a mountain in the Nepal Himalaya, completely lost as dark […]

How to have a happy ending…


I am a sucker for a massage so it was with great fiscal delight that I realised that massages are are ridiculously cheap in Bali. I’m talking as little as 60,000 rupiah (about AUD$6) for one hour of blissful laziness. I went for a massage every second day, meaning that by the end of my ten […]

Death Traps of South East Asia


I once tripped over a wonky piece of concrete in Camperdown and broke my toe. I considered telling the local council about it just so they knew that I could have sued them. Flash forward to my recent trip to Bali and I am taking a stroll around Seminyak, an upmarket beach suburb. It turns […]

Austin, Texas: The coolest city in America


OK, so I have only been to two cities in America and one of them was LA, as in LAX airport, but I am no stranger to hyperbole. In August this year, my fiancé Stevie and I won a trip to the US to meet Quentin Tarantino and attend a premiere of his latest film, […]

Travel Tales: Lorraine Elliott aka NotQuiteNigella


Name: Lorraine Elliott Occupation: Food Blogger and publisher of Favourite travel destination? That’s a tough one. I loved Phuket, Finland and New Zealand but for different reasons. Phuket because we stayed at a fabulous resort that arranged for a lot of fun activities for us, Finland because of the complete novelty of a country […]

Home is the only place to start…

Every journey starts at home. I recently moved to Marrickville, NSW, and quickly discovered that my new suburb was as full of life and colour as any overseas country I have ever been to. Marrickville Council has the *highest number of people not born in Australia which lends the area a thriving diversity. Walking down […]

Maybe it was fate…


I was a really bolshie little kid. I would talk to anyone and I wandered off a lot. My childhood memories are punctuated with any number of PA systems calling my name. I remember once when I was meant to be playing netball that I got bored and decided to just walk off the court. […]