Foreign Correspondent: Tennille Duffy


Name: Tennille Duffy     Age: 27 Occupation: Lawyer/Consultant for Human Rights NGO (non-government organisation) Where do you live?: New Delhi, India. Why did you move there?: For this job.  I applied for the experience and the adventure of living overseas. What do you love about your town/city?: The energy of the place is manic – you […]

Laura’s Word(s) of the week: In bocca al lupo

‘In bocca al lupo’ means ‘Good luck’ in Italian. The literal meaning is ‘In the wolf’s mouth’. The appropriate response if someone wishes you luck is ‘Crepi il lupo’, meaning something along the lines of ‘The wolf will cark it.’ Dead wolf = success!

Around the world in 80 drinks: Paloma


The Paloma from Mexico By Dan Kaufman When it comes to Mexican cocktails most people think of margaritas – yet according to Christophe Lehouz, the owner of Pocket Bar, in Mexico it’s the Paloma cocktail that’s arguably more popular. It could be because the teaming of grapefruit soda with tequila makes this much easier to […]

Hungry in Hanoi

Hungry in Hanoi By Maggie Videan Hanoi is a wonderful city, busy and bustling, with a feast of fabulous local eateries that are well priced and boast wonderful fare. As such, my short sojourn in Hanoi was enhanced by the fact that I am such a ‘foodie’; I was in my element out and about savouring […]

Travel Tales: Tim Doyle


Name: Tim Doyle Age: 25 Occupation: Travel Film-maker / Presenter / Adventurer Favourite travel destination and why? Fiji Islands. In 2006, I convinced my university here in Australia to allow me to study at the University of the South Pacific in Suva for seven months. On my weekends I would travel up and down the […]

Laura’s Word of the Week: Esurient

Esurient \ih-SUR-ee-uhnt; -ZUR-\, adjective: Hungry; greedy. I don’t know about you guys but I have been starving all week. This word seems very appropriate!

Books: a traveller’s best friend


A few weeks ago a friend of mine interviewed me about what books I take with me when I travel. I have been thinking about this ever since and, upon further consideration, it turns out that I really do have a system. At the moment, I am reading the Ladies’ No 1 Detective Agency series by Alexander McCall-Smith because […]

Shopping in the big apple


Shopping in The Big Apple By Thea Easterby Shopping for clothes in New York City is fantastic!  Quite a statement considering ordinarily, I’m not much of a shopper. After two shopping sprees in New York, I have picked up a few tips.  Bear in mind, I’m not talking designer labels. Unfortunately my salary doesn’t stretch […]

I have a dream

I dream of a community that shares information, resources and inspiration. Because of this dream, I am calling out to you to get in touch if you need help or, alternatively, whenever you have something you want to share or give. Do you need information on a specific destination? Ask away! I will send your questions […]

Travel Tales: Tim Charody


Name: Tim Charody Age: 25 Occupation: Traveller, Film-Maker, Presenter, Adventurer Favourite travel destination? Papua New Guinea because it is a seriously wild place with more cultural diversity than anywhere else on the planet. There are over 800 separate languages spoken in a country of 6.25 million. While travelling around PNG, we would regularly travel around […]