Ire of the Tiger: Why Tiger Airways Sucks


I decided to do something romantic for The Future Husband and like all romantic gestures, it was a little bit selfish. I have always wanted to go to Melbourne for a weekend of window shopping, laneway strolling and gastronomic overload, preferably whilst wearing a ball gown and chasing a large ball of red wool (the […]

The King and I: Working for the King of Bahrain

Paul Brown, the Executive Chef at Stamford Grand in Glenelg spent five years working for the King of Bahrain. Here’s his story: 1. How on earth did you wind up working for the King of Bahrain? To cut a long story short, I was head hunted for the position. The King asked the General Manager […]

Book Review: Best of Lonely Planet Travel Writing


The next best thing to going somwhere is hearing all about it from someone who has just been. Whether it’s a cautionary tale, a romantic comedy or a simple fact box, I crave other people’s stories, photos and itineraries. And when people get sick of my incessant questions and avoid me in the street? I get my dirty mitts on a travel  story, […]

Things I’ve learnt about passports and visas …


Things I’ve learnt about passports and visas … By Doug Meyer (aka The Fourth Secretary) I turned in my passport today. It still has three years of life on it (Expires 20 Jan 2013, Issued Washington DC, etc). I hope to get it back soon but in the meantime, I feel strangely naked without a […]

Travel quotes


Some words on travel from great thinkers, past and present … ‘A man travels the world over in search of what he needs, and returns home to find it.’ George Moore ‘He who would travel happily must travel light.’ Antoine de Saint-Exupery ‘Certainly, travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change […]

Bay of Fires, Tasmania


Bay of Fires, Tasmania By Verity Twydale Named the world’s ‘hottest’ travel destination for 2009, Tasmania’s Bay of Fires – located on the state’s East Coast – remains one of its best kept secrets. Tasmanians are good at keeping secrets. I remember when my family first emigrated from ‘The Mainland’ and it took us months […]

How to stay pretty on safari

I am vain with a capital V. Put me in front of a reflective surface and I will look at myself. Subsequently, going on safari presents a number of challenges – namely the lack of showers, mirrors and power points. 1. Dry Shampoo by Lee Stafford The very lovely Laura Blasdale from WordStorm PR sent […]

Hong Kong Sweat


Hong Kong Sweat By Genevieve Frew Hong Kong looks so glamourous in the brochures.  They promise you exotic delights, inexpensive shopping and a superb nightlife all combined with the history and the mystery of the imperial east. Nobody mentions the sweat! I guess it’s difficult to capture sweat in photographs, and who wants to travel […]

Laura’s Word(s) of the Week: Angry sheep

Mouton enragé (French) Someone calm who loses their temper (literally, an enraged sheep)

Shikunga, Kenya


Shikunga, Kenya By Verity Twydale Bumping along a dirt road I’m beginning to realise that I’ll need more than a few Swahili phrases and a mosquito net to get through the next three months. The romanticism of a dramatically wide savannah is quickly wearing off. I’m in the back of a car that’s largely held […]