Interesting things about Johannesburg in no particular order

I keep thinking I should write a very grown-up article about my trip to Africa where I reference things correctly and provide up-to-date travel information. The problem is that I have started it several times and I just find it so boring. For both our sakes, I decided to bullet point the really interesting stuff. In no […]

Hollywood Hobart on the Cold Coast

Hollywood Hobart on the Cold Coast By Maggie Videan This is the story I don’t want anyone to read. Please don’t visit. I would like to find Hobart the same; a quiet, mostly forgotten township oozing with mix of a historic charm and organic character. Unlike its sun bleached vacation rivals of the northern states, Hobart is best visited […]

Travel Tales: Kim McKay

Name: Kim McKay Age: 36 Occupation: Business Owner – Travel PR Favourite travel destination?: New York (if you have been you would know the answer to why – if you haven’t been just GO!) Worst travel experience?: Every time you travel it’s a gift. You learn and grow from every experience so I don’t have […]

In Bruges

In Bruges By Lisa O’Brien “In the film In Bruges, Colin Farrell calls my home town a shithole. It is not a shithole.” A series of coincidences has lead the boy and I to be standing in Bruges’ historic Burg Square, listening to the monologue of our guide Steve at the start of a 2.5-hour […]

Get yourself a 5-star luxury holiday for just $1.50


5-star Luxury on a Camping Budget Have you got a spare $1.50? Want to win a holiday? Get thee to the newsagent, Dearest One, because The Australian and The Weekend Australian, in partnership with Qantas and The Leading Hotels of the World, are giving away 27 trips to awesome, frightfully expensive places. Imagine yourself lapping […]

Weird foods of the world


One thing that simultaneously amuses and horrifies me in other countries is the menu. I love that you can waltz up to a street vendor only to discover that your options are stuffed cockroaches, deep-fried crickets or pickled centipedes. That is something you most definitely cannot get at home. When I lived in Thailand, eating out […]

Just wondering …

Where to next? What is your next travel destination? I am curious … The Future Husband and I are going to Melbourne next month to eat and drink and wander around looking wistful. In November, we’re planning to go to Cuba, Mexico and Guatemala for our honeymoon. And then later, I am dreaming of India and […]

Laura’s Word of the Week: Handschuhschneeballwerfer

‘Handschuhschneeballwerfer’ (German) literally means somebody who wears gloves to throw snowballs but is used in general to mean ‘coward’.

Off the beaten track in Ooty


Off the beaten track in Ooty By Maggie Videan Where did you say that was? Never heard of it? Possibly not! Ooty is a forgotten hill station located 2000 metres above sea level in the Nilgris in Southern India. Alive with industry, it has a delightful climate, friendly locals and a history harking back to British India. Ooty […]

Travel Tales: Lisa O’Brien

Name: Lisa O’Brien Age: 25 Occupation: Associate Publisher, Favourite travel destination? Why?: Croatia. The enchanting old towns. The untouched islands. The knee-weakening scenery. The warm, welcoming people. Worst travel experience? What happened?: Three months working as a housekeeper in an English hotel. See any episode of Fawlty Towers to get the gist of what […]