We have a SheGoes travel photography competition winner!

Congratulations to SheGoes contributor Genevieve Frew for her winning entry into the inaugural SheGoes travel photography competition titled ‘Waiting for the Other Two Amigos’. Funny hat + public sleeping = winning combo! Without any further ado, here are some more fun photos from our gold medallist … Three Versions of Death Japanese S & M […]

Travel Tales: Shawn Low, Lonely Planet’s Travel Editor (Asia Pacific)

Name: Shawn Low Age: Early 30’s Occupation: Lonely Planet’s Travel Editor (Asia Pacific) Favourite travel destination?: China. It has a long history, deep and vibrant culture, and sheer variety when it comes to sights. You have modern cities (Beijing and Shanghai) and rural countryside (Xishuangbanna) and everything in-between. It’s frustrating to get round at times […]

Where do you belong?


Do we ‘belong’ in the town where we were born? The community we grew up in? Or is belonging more to do with the people we surround ourselves with than any geographic location? I think it’s a combination of all three. I grew up in Tamworth, NSW and subsequently, I  feel more at ease in the countryside than […]

What are you doing next weekend?


Wanna help support Australia’s first Road Twip? My Klick team and I are organising a Twitter Road Twip and we need your help! We’re sending some people out along the Sydney Melbourne Touring routes, giving them a Mission List to complete and asking them to tweet about their experiences from April 30 – May 3. […]


What is your favourite festival, out of all of the festivals in all of the world? Mine is Woodford Folk Festival. But enough about me; I want to hear from you! Are you a Homebake fan? A Narooma Oyster Festival freak? A Dia de los Muertos lover? Talk to me people – I love the […]

We will remember them


ANZAC Day is sad. It makes me think about suffering and destruction and The Last Post always makes me cry. Despite the fact that my life has been blessedly free from war, I imagine the pain of the people who have been touched by it’s cold, bloody hands. Like many Australians, both of my grandfathers […]

Travel Tales: Beth aka Buppa


Name: Beth aka Buppa Age: 35 Occupation: Baker Favourite travel destination? Why?: USA- I get to see my family! Worst travel experience?: Japan Airlines. My husband didn’t fit in the economy seat and had to sit sideways for a flight to San Fran with the TV remote implanted into his hip. Kept being woken up […]

Lisa’s Deal of the Week: Cruisy


Lisa’s Deal of the Week When it comes to cruising, there are plenty of agents in the sea offering cabins for next to nothing which, funnily enough, also tend to be next to the engines or akin to a matchbox in size. Every now and then though, a deal comes up that includes a cabin […]

I bought a vintage caravan


This was not a smart financial decision but just look at it…   What’s not to love? I am going to do it up and then we can all go on a retro road trip together. Maybe we can even go back in time? Incidentally, does anyone know a good caravan mechanic? Or someone who […]

Melbourne: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly


There’s nothing like a 100 year storm to make a trip memorable. The Future Husband and I were just minding our own business when the skies opened up and emptied the freezer section on our heads. We were walking back from the Queen Victoria Markets and the weather was looking a bit shady, but hey, […]