Budget Hotels in Sydney by Ian Harrison


Budget Hotels in Sydney By Ian Harrison Go to your favourite search engine and plug in the words ‘Sydney’ and ‘expensive city’. Go ahead, do it. Countless results will undoubtedly pop up from sources that research and compile this sort of complex, comparative statistical data. It can be powerful, persuasive stuff too, if you take […]

Travel Tales: Roberta Muir, Manager of Sydney Seafood School & Freelance food, beverage & travel writer

Name: Roberta Muir Age: 48 Occupation: Manager of Sydney Seafood School and Freelance food/beverage/travel writer Favourite travel destination?: Italy Why?: I love the food, the wine, the culture, the people. Worst experience?: I can’t think of one, every experience is an adventure, there’s always something good, funny or educational to come out of it. For example, […]

Win tickets to the Bondi Bergstation at the Bondi Winter Magic Festival


Want to go ice skating at Bondi Beach? Umm, sure, and then we’ll fly to the moon on the back of a big, sparkly unicorn and the stars will turn into Torville & Dean and the whole cast of Glee will sing ‘Like a Prayer’. Wha-hey! Sounds a bit ‘kooky dream sequence’ but the first […]

Travel Tales: Jamie Durrant, Editor, Essentials Magazine

Name: Jamie Durrant Age: 38 Occupation: Travel Magazine Editor Favourite travel destination?: Rarotonga, Cook Islands, mainly because it’s ever so laid back. I was utterly struck by the ‘let it all hang out’ lack of body image awareness – perhaps due to the lack of any advertising/brand images on the island, or perhaps because bigger […]

Monkey madness! by Melanie Mahoney

Monkey madness! By Melanie Mahoney Earlier this week, a woman was attacked by macaque monkeys while on holidays on Thailand. She was reportedly trying to get over a phobia of the primates by visiting the ominously named ‘Monkey Island’, near Phuket, when a group of them attacked her. Her tour leader said some people had […]

Where am I Wednesday?


This week’s Where am I Wednesday is brought to you by very talented photographer, Evan Williams. Where was he when he took this shot? Post your answer at the bottom of this post and be specific for your chance to win something truly mysterious (and random).  

Two Hands Wines Cellar Door, Barossa Valley


Is there anything better than a sunny day spent tasting wine at a cellar door in some peaceful corner of the countryside? I don’t think so. Lately I have had the very good fortune of doing a bit of this; leaning against a tasting bench, swishing and sniffing. Let’s just say that I am not […]

Travel Tech Review: Canon Powershot D10

I am really rough with cameras. Case in point: A couple of years ago, I went to an awards night and woke up with a cracking Champagne headache and crumpled blob of metal for a lens. All I remember is taking a pic of my friend Panda with Senator Stephen Conroy and kerchunk (that is […]

Lisa’s Travel Deal of the Week: Campervans for $1 a day! SAY WHA?!


Lisa’s Travel Deal of the Week Short of being paid to go (and if you find someone who does such a thing, please let me know!), holidays don’t get much cheaper than campervan relocations, where you pay a nominal amount, anywhere from $1-$25 a day, to drive a van from Point A to Point B […]

A Night at the Asylum: La Trobe at Beechworth and Beechworth Ghost Tours

‘Red rum, red rum,’ I say to my travelling buddy Jamie as we pass a dimly lit conference centre. We are lurking around the grounds of La Trobe at Beechworth looking for McCarthy Cottage. Bare branches claw the leaden sky and elderly fir trees hunch together in the mist.  It’s cold and dark and we […]