Lisa’s Travel Deal of the Week: Thailicious


Forget bouts of Bali belly, getting lost in a city where you don’t speak the language or hostel dorm ‘rustlers’, the perennial challenge for travellers is what to do when you’re not travelling. I’ve found one of the best ways to get through the seemingly endless months between trips is to head overseas without ever […]

Road Twip!


Last weekend I was lucky enough to be a part of something called a ‘road twip’. Admittedly, I organised it so it wasn’t exactly a random accident that I was there. Basically a bunch of us jumped in a bus and drove down to the South Coast, tweeting like mad things for the duration of […]

Where am I Wednesday?


This is another cracker brought to you by the extremely cryptic Margarita Peker. Berkini, anyone? There is still a Giant Caramello Koala up for grabs because noone got last week’s answer (Jerusalem, Israel).

The East Gippsland TAFE Travel Writing Awards


Do you love travel writing? Are you a fan of money? Do you love travelling with money? If you answered yes three times, boy, have I got the competition for you! The East Gippsland TAFE Travel Writing Awards are on again. All you have to do is write a 1500 word article in any style […]

Q & A with Love and Other U-Turns author, Louisa Deasey


Love and Other U-Turns author Louisa Deasey gives us a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the road trip that inspired her brand new book about a ‘city girl, an unruly comedian, a love story and an amazing adventure’. 1. What is your favourite place in Australia and why? Anywhere you can leave your door open at night […]

Lisa Travel Deal of the Week: 21% off Intrepid Tours


Birthdays are great. Especially when the person having the birthday decides to share the love – i.e. presents – with everyone else. In 2010 Intrepid Travel is turning 21 and to celebrate they’ve done away with the oversized novelty keys and knocked 21% off a range of tours around the world instead. This week we […]

Running away to the Hunter Valley by Tammy Warner-Wilson


Running away to the Hunter Valley By Tammy Warner-Wilson Past Petersons Champagne House, down Broke Road and beyond Brokenwood wine cellar, is the oval at Hunter Valley Gardens. It is here that I find myself at 6.30am on a Sunday morning in July. I am surrounded by some of NSW’s finest wine country, but all […]

Blogger love: Blogs that rock my world


When I first heard about blogs way back in 2000 and something-or-other, I thought ‘yeah, WHATEVER’. This from a girl whose greatest career ambition in high school was to be a flair bartender. Clearly, I am not a) very bright, b) an early adopter, or c) in any way psychic. Blogs rock my world. In […]

Where am I Wednesday?


Today’s Where am I Wednesday is brought you by the lovely Margarita Peker. Where on earth are people that relaxed about gun ownership? First person to get this right, wins a Giant Caramello Koala.

Tipster Tuesday: Thailand and Vietnam


Guess who’s going to Thailand and Vietnam in two weeks’ time? Uh, that would be me.   The utterly delightful people at Thai Airways are sending me on a little adventure. To say I am excited would be like saying the Dalai Lama is a good bloke. I am beside myself. I am travelling from 3rd […]