30 Days Has September


Happy Spring everyone! Goodbye long, dark winter of the soul … Hello swimming, thongs and cold beer! To celebrate this VERY HAPPY DAY, I have decided to participate in something called 30 Days Has September. For the next month, I have committed to doing something new every day. It can be as simple as walking […]

SheGoes 1st Birthday Party


Dear *insert your own name here*, You are invited to the SheGoes first birthday party on Thursday 23rd September, 2010. It starts at 7pm and it’s in Sydney. The problem I am currently facing is WHERE? So, in the true spirit of community, I am asking you where you would most like to go. Most […]

Top Four Weird and Wonderful Festivals of the World by Jen McDermott


Top Four Weird and Wonderful Festivals of the World By Jen McDermott   I think I’m coming down with festival fever… it’s a nasty case, really. Symptoms include constantly feeling distracted at work (as I constantly refresh gig guides and line ups), poverty (with tickets over $100 a pop) and frustration (hurry up, hurry up…). […]

Travel Product Review: OLEA Olive Leaf


I am one of those crazy hippies who will try absolutely every alternative remedy before I will remit to hard core pharmaceuticals. Case in point: The kidney infection of 2001. I had a very sore lower back so I went to: 1. A floatation tank 2. A massage therapist 3. A chiropractor And then… 4. Outpatients […]

Where am I Wednesday?


This week’s Where am I Wednesday has been contributed by photographer David Hewitson, our clever new friend. Where was Dave when he took this curious picture? This week’s winner scores a large pizza of their choice delivered to their office, home or yurt, as the case may be.

Book Review: The Best Women’s Travel Writing 2010


I have the attention span of a gnat. Seriously, it’s a wonder I get anything do … ooh, what’s that on television. Sorry, what were you saying? That’s why I love short stories; so much plot line satisfaction jammed into one book. My awesome friend Shaunie T gave me an anthology of The Best Women’s […]

The best things about fancy hotels


My family used to go on camping holidays. One memorable night, it rained so heavily that there was a river of water flowing under our tent. Fortunately, we were on airbeds so we floated right on over it. Camping is so much fun because it takes you waaaay outside your normal life. You fall asleep […]

Where am I Wednesday?


Gosh, where could this be? This week’s Where am I Wednesday winner scores one of the coolest DVD’s of all time. Sure, I may be a little biased because I have a dirty crush on him but whoever guesses this correctly will win a copy of Heston’s Feast. Yes, Heston Blumenthal of Fat Duck fame; […]

Meet the Qwoff Boys, two of my favourite wine nerds …


I would like to introduce you to two lads who love wine – Andre and Justin, the founders of Qwoff, Australia’s largest social wine review site. Self-confessed ‘Scruffy Gen X Winegeeks’, the boys have grown Qwoff into a community of close to 20,000 winelovers and are in the process of making a show called ‘Road […]

Home, sweet home


Getting home from overseas is a bittersweet experience. Sweet because you get to see all your people (and in my case, puppies), sleep in your own bed and have access to a full wardrobe (which is especially nice when you’re on your last pair of clean undies and you’re pushing 48 hours in them).  Bitter […]