Fun facts about Norfolk Island … Seriously. Fun!

I just found out that Norfolk Island has it’s own language! It’s called Norfolk (unsurprisingly) and it’s a mixture of platt Deutsch (whatever the hell that is), 18th Century English and Tahitian. This has been reappropriated aka stolen directly from the Norfolk Island website. Seriously, who knew?! Norfolk English Whutta-waye? How are you? All yorlye […]

Foreign Correspondent: Michael Delargy, Pattaya, Thailand

Name: Michael Delargy   Age: 40 (and thanks for asking!)   Occupation: Hotel Manager   Where do you live and how did you get there?: At the moment in Pattaya, Thailand. The route was a bit roundabout, from Dublin via London (where strangely I was introduced to Australian culture!) then into IT forsome reason and […]

Pilgrimage to the Taj Mahal by Josh Bryer

Pilgrimage to the Taj Mahal An excerpt from ‘100 pens for 100 Indian kids (& other travel stories)’ by Josh Bryer I woke up at 5am to leave plenty of time for my 6.30 express train (2 hours) to Agra –home of the Taj Mahal. The train trip was pleasant – comfortable, with AC and […]

Happy Birthday SheGoes!


Our baby is one! The first post went live on September 24th, 2009. Since then, there have been 229 posts about everything from nudist beaches to eating insects in rural China. You have all contributed, whether by sharing your stories, commenting on posts, providing feedback and advice or simply by reading SheGoes. I believe in […]

Travel Product Review: Juice Beauty Travel Pack


Teeny tiny beauty products make me a very happy lady. It’s not because of some sort of creepy Barbie Doll House flashbacks (although I did love that pink plastic mansion). It’s simply because I fear the tyranny of airport security people. I don’t want them tossing my expensive products in the bin while I weep […]

Where am I Wednesday?


This one has flown via the interwebs from a far flung corner of the earth … But where on earth? First person to get the city and country right wins a *margarita! *Terms and Conditions Apply. You must show up to the SheGoes first birthday party tomorrow night at Cafe Pacifico to redeem this offer.

Asian vs Western Attitude: Jai yen yen (cool heart)


Thai and Vietnamese people are fundamentally hospitable, friendly and almost a little bit innocent. I know I am generalising and that is always dangerous but this has been my consistent observation over two trips to both countries or, put another way, 13 months of waiting for someone to lose their cool. So far, it hasn’t […]

Pretty in the city: A guide to Hanoi and Bangkok


I am a low maintenance kind of girl most of the time. I would like to be prissier but it takes a lot of time to get your hair and nails done. Fortunately, in South East Asia you can indulge your wildest princess urges without having to max out your credit card or spend every […]

The single girls guide to travelling alone by Clare Griffin


The single girls guide to travelling alone   by Clare Griffin So, you want to travel the globe but don’t know where to start and don’t have anyone to go with? An adventure is within yourreach and you don’t have to wait for someone to go with you. In fact, you’ll have a better adventure if […]

Whale of a time: Kayaking with whales by Cath Reilly

Whale of a time: Kayaking with whales By Cath Reilly Well I’ve done it! My first Action Girl kayak-with-the-whales-adventure and all I can say is WHEN CAN I DO IT AGAIN?! It all started early on Sunday morning with Region X Kayaking at Mossy Point. We turned up at 7.30am as requested and when Josh […]