The dawn of a new era: First comes love, then comes marriage …


Stevie aka The Future Husband and I got hitched on Saturday. Six years, five cases Champagne and 156 witnesses later, I officially became a Mrs. The first day of marriage has been like any other post-party Sunday (sore head, lots of cleaning up and a general feeling of exhaustion) with one notable exception; I actually […]

Where am I Wednesday?


A very cool chick that I sit next to at work gave us today’s Where am I Wednesday (thanks Alana). Where was she when she took this beautiful photograph (and don’t you wish you were there?)? No prizes this week kids… I won’t be around to deliver them because I am going on my honeymoon […]

Packing Guide for Thailand and Vietnam


There are certain idiosyncrasies that it’s worth knowing about before you head off to South East Asia, particularly for the ladies, as there are quite strict standards of dress at some religious sites. Here’s my foolproof guide to not looking / feeling like a total d*ckhead in Asia: 1. Cover up It might be 35 […]

Into the wild


I am on a bit of a mission to convert non-campers into tree-huggin’, outdoorsy types that eschew make-up, personal hygiene and decent coffee in a quest to make nice with Mother Nature. Love it or hate it, camping is a great opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and drink wine out of tin […]

Where is the worst place you have ever slept?


I have a very high tolerance for dodginess, such is my crooked sense of humour. Luxury is all very well but it’s rarely funny. Despite my fondness for the craptastic things in life, there is a point at which shoddy accommodation becomes totally demoralising. The worst place I have ever stayed was at a guest […]

Where’s Griff Wednesday?


I am a bit of a sucker for Griff Rhys Jones. It’s not just his posh English accent (*swoon*) that I love; it’s his curious mind, affable good nature and mischievous sense of humour. It’s quite fortuitous, then, that I also love rivers. I spent a lot of my childhood making willow wreaths and paddling […]

Travel Tales with a twist: Louise Southerden, Travel Writer, Editor and Photographer


It’s not every day that I get to profile one of Australia’s top travel journalists but today, my friends, is that day. I am very pleased to introduce you to Louise Southerden, ASTW Travel Writer of the Year in 2008 and 2009 and winner of Best Responsible Tourism Story in 2006, 2008 & 2009. She […]

Foodies gone wild!


October is a month of foodie mania in Sydney. Night noodle markets, International Chef showcases and Shoot the Chef at the NSW Art Gallery … it’s hard to know where to begin! One of the best ways to immerse yourself in deliciousness is to join a food tour. When VictorsFood asked me if I wanted […]

Seat wars by Melanie Mahoney


Seat Wars By Melanie Mahoney Flying brings its own unique challenges. The drying air, the elbow-room wars, the bottles of wine so tiny you have to ask for a new one every 15 minutes… ah, good times. But there are some fantastic things too. Top of the list is being upgraded, but that’s more urban […]

Where am I Wednesday?


This week we have another corker courtesy of Miss Mags … Nobody guessed last week’s Where am I Wednesday. The answer is Rome, Italy. You were all so close! The vino goes to Maggie… Congratulations lady! For your chance to win this week’s Mystery Prize, tell us where you think Maggie was when she took […]