Q & A with Ayun Halliday, Author of The Zinester’s Guide to NYC and Sarong in my Backpack


I am a little bit in love with Ayun Halliday. I read her book Sarong in my Backpack on my honeymoon and I laughed so much that I decided that we had to become friends. People this hilarious don’t come along every day. I emailed her and to my surprise and delight, she emailed me […]

Inspirey words


Today’s post is dedicated to the dazzling brilliance of my very dearest, darlingest friend Lorraine Elliott aka NotQuiteNigella. She dared to dream big and, in addition to being Australia’s number one female blogger, she is about to publish her first book with Penguin Books. So without further ado, some inspirey Monday words for you, Dearest […]

Life and stuff: Fatty fatty boombalardy


Three weeks of eating whatever I want has turned me into a bit of a fat ass. I just spent ten months losing five kgs. I drank vegetable juice, I ate protein, I cross-trained; I suffered, dammit! To make matters worse, I have been reading a book called Between Mexico and Poland by Lily Brett […]

The best day Trip ever: Mitle, Oaxaca


I woke up with PMS. I knew it was this particular affliction because I felt bone tired, snaky and a bit weepy. I was not expecting it to be a good day at all but, against the odds, it was. The first stop on the day trip to Mitle was the Tule tree aka The […]

Life and stuff: Beauty has always been bonkers


Welcome to my new articulately titled ‘Life and Stuff’ section where I will discuss life … And stuff … I hope you like it! Humans have developed a strange relationship with their bodies. This is not a new thing by any means. Mayan nobility strapped boards to their babies heads so that the fontanelles fused […]

Quintana Roo: The good and the meh


We bid farewell to Quintana Roo state today so before we go, I thought I would give you a quick guide to what rocked and what sucked: Good 1. Hotel Casa Ticul – eternally sunshiney staff, comfy beds, free wifi and cable TV, Mexi breakfast with espresso coffee and very quiet rooms which is a […]

Mexico: Astrology travel on tequila time


Mexico is definitely an Aries kind of place. Fiery chillies, upbeat chatty locals and a Crayola colour scheme that is the antithesis of beige. I am a big believer in the ‘vibe’ and the vibe here is undeniably cool. The First Husbandand I spent a lazy afternoon at a beach club called Canibal Royal today. […]

Las Vegas: Nerdier than expected


I was gratified to hear someone screaming ecstatically through the hotel wall at The Flamingo. Sure, that’s a little creepy but that’s what I expected from Las Vegas … Sex, cocaine, drinking and gambling. If you’re under 50 and you’re not snorting crack off a hooker’s silcone, you’re not doing it right, right? Turns out […]

Yo Yosemite


Nature has, once again, messed with my plans. The big idea was to drive over the Tioga Pass and down to Vegas via Death Valley (the driest place on earth – my inner-David Attenborough cannot get enough of that stuff). One small problem. National Parks closed Tioga Pass (the only road across the Sierra Nevada […]

Hearst Castle: The Enchanted Mountain


I was expecting something really garish, like Liberace and Zsa Zsa Gabor’s mongrel offspring but, once again, America surprised me. Hearst Castle is utterly beautiful. In the words of George Bernard Shaw, it’s what God would do if he had the money. Rising up from the eerie and ever-present fog of San Simeon stands a […]