Foreign Correspondent: Chloe Barnes, Edinburgh, Scotland


Name: Chloe Barnes   Age: 26   Occupation: I work in Search Engine Optimisation for a Digital Media Agency   Where do you live?: Edinburgh, United Kingdom Why did you move there?: I’ve always wanted to live in the UK, though I’m not sure why. I like the cold, and I have a British passport, […]

Life and stuff: Time is the ultimate luxury


Around Christmas time, you see the words ‘indulge’, ‘spoil’, and ‘luxurious’ pop up a lot, usually as a way to make us spend more money. Why buy the $15 bubbly when you can buy French Champagne for $150? I think all this talk of ‘super-premium’ living is extremely misleading. Real luxury is a state of […]

Give a girl the world this Christmas: NP Set beautyliciousness


There are some major perks that come with being a blogger. Notwithstanding the huge financial rewards (OK, that was clearly a joke), I do get sent some pretty fabulous things to try out from time to time. The most recent delivery came from Napoleon Cosmetics for the launch of their new NP Set range. Q: […]

Travel Tales: Jake Bujayer, LG Life Tastes Good Championship Finalist


Earlier this year, Jake Bujayer flew to Seoul in South Korea to compete in the LG Life Tastes Good Championship, a competition where amateur Chefs from all over the world go head-to-head over the burners. We asked Jake to spill the beans on his adventure … 1. What was your favourite thing about Seoul? I […]

Where am I Wednesday?


Most souvenirs fall into two categories: 1. Ugly 2. So ugly they’re funny That is why I was surprised when I received a package of Aussie Treasures, a new range of Australian souvenirs. These cute little guys are handpainted and made from environmentally friendly plantation birchwood. Because it’s nearly Christmas and you’ve been very good […]

Daintree dreaming


Imagine a perfectly preserved historical site that hasn’t changed in 110 million years. It isn’t made of stone and doesn’t bear the marks of humanity but it is undeniably sacred. This place was the home of a highly organised, intelligent civilisation that used hieroglyphs, advanced plant medicine and had a complex belief system tied intrinsically […]

Life and stuff: Things that are guaranteed to make people happy


Some things make everyone happy. They are as follows: Lollies thrown out into a crowd Streamers, confetti and balloons falling from the ceiling Sparklers Fireworks Finding money on the street Getting something good delivered to your home, school or office Winning Running through a sprinkler in summer Towels straight out of the clothes dryer Here […]

Where am I Wednesday?

Today’s Where am I Wednesday is brought to you by Facebook stalking a friend’s photo album because, let’s face it, you all know where I have been recently! Where was my unnamed friend when she took this?

All you need is love (and a scratch Mai Tai): The Royal Hawaiian, Waikiki Beach, O’ahu


Our last night at Mai Tai bar at The Royal Hawaiian, a Luxury Collection Resort was a cracker. It all started in our room with the complimentary bubbly and then moved down to the bar for ‘one drink before dinner’. I ordered a scratch Mai Tai, a delectable concoction of white and dark rum, pineapple […]

Airline Review: V Australia


I am a bit cynical about the concept of brand loyalty because I know how much psychological manipulation goes into separating consumers from their money. Nevertheless, I have big ol’ crush on V Australia because they make flying a sexy experience. From the ambient lighting that changes colour during the flight, to the genuinely happy […]