Travel Tales: Sarah Blinco


Name: Sarah Blinco Age: 31 Occupation: Journalist and PR consultant ( Favourite travel destination?: Vancouver – I love so many places but there is something about this city that sits close to my heart. Even when it is rainy and foggy I still think it’s beautiful. From the snow-capped mountains, the amazing shopping, dogs being welcome […]

Life and stuff: How to save money so you can blow it all on travel


To say I am hopeless with money is like saying Hitler wasn’t very good with people. My wallet is a vortex. Out of sheer necessity, I have perfected the art of living abundantly on a scant budget because I’ll be damned if a little thing like cash flow is going to impede my ability to […]

Two Hours In Lithgow


I spent an unexpected 120 minutes in Lithgow last week. It might have actually been more like 135 minutes, if you include the 15 fateful minutes I stood in line at the Blue Bird Cafe. I was enroute to Orange, NSW for the Gardiner family girl’s weekend, a notorious affair characterised by drinking, pedicures and […]

Blatant plug for my awesome new client,


So you know how I was whining about being broke last week? Well, something really cool happened. I met up with my friends Ben and Cass and it turns out that Ben has launched a new business called with two of his mates, Sam and Raph. One thing led to another and they offered […]

Pieces of Literary History by Clare Griffin


Pieces of Literary History By Clare Griffin The United Kingdom is home to some of the world’s greatest literary minds and thankfully we can still enjoy the houses, estates and landscapes that helped inspire some of the classics. For lovers of the classics, writers seeking inspiration and history buffs, the following places are a must-visit […]

Market knowledge by Stephanie Nuzzo


Ask any op-shop lover and they’ll tell you London’s markets are treasure-troves. And you should believe them – once you step foot into one of these super-sized trinket boxes, you’ll never see Balmain’s weekend markets in the same way. These markets are the havens of hoarders, hagglers and trendy-types alike; lining streets with all things […]

Life and stuff: Time vs money vs happiness


Money. Those numbers in your bank account, that clink in your purse. Tool or tyrant? Friend or foe? I can’t quite decide at the moment. I’ve changed my working life in order to be happier but as my bank balance dwindles, I am starting to question my decision. Was it really a good idea to […]

The music is all around us by Genevieve Frew


The Music Is All Around Us By Genevieve Frew Prior to a recent overseas trip, I prided myself on being organised enough to download my iPod songs onto my new iPhone (OK, my thirteen year old did if for me) so I could enhance my travel experience with just one single accessory. So much for […]

Galapagos Islands FAQ by Melanie Mahoney


Galapagos Islands FAQ By Melanie Mahoney As contributors to this blog would know, it can be a ridiculous task trying to put an amazing travel experience into words. Where do you start, what do you leave out, what do people really want to know? Because I have no idea how to answer those questions, I […]

Travel Quotes: Mark Jenkins on adventure


“Adventure is a path. Real adventure – self-determined, self-motivated, often risky – forces you to have firsthand encounters with the world. The world the way it is, not the way you imagine it. Your body will collide with the earth and you will bear witness. In this way you will be compelled to grapple with the […]