Travel Tales: Lisa Thomas, magazine journalist


Name: Lisa Thomas Age: 31 Occupation: Magazine journalist Favourite travel destination?: Europe. I love old-world, historical cities like Rome and Paris. Would also love to visit Barcelona, Athens, Istanbul and Budapest. I also love South East Asia for its chaos and charm, New York for its promise, and Japan for its peacefulness. Why?: I like […]

Life and stuff: The peach principle of beauty


There is nothing more disappointing than biting into a perfect looking peach only to discover that it’s floury, underripe and flavourless. Contrast this with biting into perfect looking peach that is bursting with flavour, juicy and squishy-licious. Ohhhh yeah. People are like that too. There is nothing more disappointing than meeting someone who looks like […]

Travel Tales: Elliott Miller, Sales & Marketing, COMO Hotels & Resorts


Name: Elliott Miller Age: 36 (feel like 30!) Occupation: Sales & Marketing Favourite travel destination?: Ooh that is very hard as been to so many amazing places but at the moment would have to be Bhutan. The cultural diversity, the landscape, the excursions available depending on how adventurous you feel, high mountain trekking, easy walks, […]

A tale of two tiny towns: Weabonga and Nundle


There are two tiny historical villages up in the hills behind Tamworth. One is called Weabonga and is only accessible by a dirt road. The other is called Nundle and has a few more people, an operational pub and a pool (!). Weabonga is where my Grandmother was born. It is where my Great Grandmother […]

Life and stuff: Do you have a ‘city’ persona?


I realised something really weird on the weekend. I have a Sydney persona that is quite different to my quieter country self. Sydney Emma is way more defensive than Country Emma. She swears, she trash talks and she’s a bit of a smart ass. She is louder than the Country version and has better grooming […]

Travel Tales: Toni Krasicki, Group Exercise Instructor and Writer


Name:  Toni Krasicki Age: 42 Occupation: Group Exercise Instructor/Writer Favourite travel destination?: That’s a tough one. I don’t have a favourite destination, but I do have several places that are memorable because of the adventure, the people I met and/or travelled with. Tibet is incredible. It feels so close to the heavens, and very spiritual […]

Cook Islands: Just like Hawaii but without the franchises


I attribute my love of all things rustic and natural to my semi-hippie, semi-hillbilly upbringing. My sister had a pet rooster, we grew our own broad beans and we lived next door to my Grandmother. We didn’t have any gaps in our teeth, per se, but I’m pretty sure we had a moonshine still stashed […]

Life and stuff: Stop putting up with bullsh*t


Are there people in your life who make you feel like crap? People who expect a lot but give nothing back? People who are never there when you need them? This week I am taking a stand. I am not putting up with anymore bullsh*t. In typically airy-fairy style, this decision is based on two […]

Hotel Review: Crowne Plaza Melbourne


There is something to be said for reading your emails properly. My colleague sent me a hotel confirmation last week and I glanced at it and saw the word, ‘Crown’ and immediately thought, ‘Casino!’ which then lead to a whole mental soundtrack of ‘Viva Las Vegas’. Guess what? There are about four hotels in Melbourne […]

Travel Tales: Karina Scott, Owner, Beanstalk Books


Name: Karina Scott Age: 36 Occupation: Full time mother, part time lover of children books, and owner of Favourite travel destination?: These days it’s any location that’s warm and has a pool or beach so my kids can stay happy. In my old single life, it was New York. Walking around anywhere in that […]