Wild women of the Sepik by Roderick Eime


They twirled and gyrated like demented dervishes, their tattered grass skirts flailing to the throbbing beat of the coarse wood and skin drums beaten methodically by apparently captive men at the centre of their circle. Barely concealed by shreds of river grass and rough shell necklaces, their long-exhausted, pendulous breasts swung in full rotations as they […]

Top five things to do on Norfolk Island


For a place that is only 8kms x 5kms wide, there’s a surprising amount to do and see. Here are the unmissable five: 1. Swim at Emily Bay A local named Wayne told me he decided to move to Norfolk Island after his first swim in Emily Bay. Golden sand, clear, calm water in a […]

Trivia Tuesday + WIN: Who has been eating my porridge?

Police officers in Slovenia get asked this question a lot. There are so many brown bears in this small Balkan nation that they export them to other European countries to help them repopulate their wilderness areas. Funnily enough, the little girl population is inversely pegged to the bear population, while porridge consumption remains suspiciously stable. […]

Hotel Review: The Hermitage Lodge, Hunter Valley NSW


When I booked a two-night stay at The Hermitage Lodge in the Hunter Valley for a special price of $500 (it’s normally $700), my internal monologue muttered, ‘It had better be good …. mutter, mutter, mutter’. I tend to think of things in terms of rent and that’s almost a whole weeks’ worth at Chateau […]

Life and stuff: How to save time


I never thought mopping would inspire me to do anything but here I am, writing a story about a mop – or to be specific – the best mop in the world. I have been slopping away at my polished board floors for years with a straggly-ass thing that eventually snapped in half because the handle rusted […]

Travel Tales: Roderick Eime, Travel Journalist and Web Publisher


Name: Roderick Eime Age: Generation Jones Occupation: Travel journalist and web publisher Favourite travel destination?: Papua New Guinea, particularly their remote islands. They are wild, raw and always surprising. Great people. Worst travel experience?: Left my passport and wallet in the taxi, forgot my USA visa waiver, nearly missed my flight, booked the wrong hotel […]

Trivia Tuesday + WIN a Vibe chillout suite CD: Where is the Hotel California?


You thought it was the title of an old Eagles’ song, didn’t you? Nah-uh. The Hotel California is a 3.5 star property in Albufeira, Portugal. Gimmicky hotel names aside, there has been a lot of conjecture about Hotel California’s lyrics. Is it about a satanic playground (see: ‘stabbing with their steely knives but they just […]

To HEL and back: The top five things to do in Helsinki


Did you wonder where I disappeared to this past week? Did you think I’d run off and joined a burlesque troupe named Rosie Gardens and the Kinky Hos? The truth is that I went to HEL – otherwise known as Helsinki – on a work trip. Helsinki is an effortless city in summer; all straightforward […]

Trivia Tuesday: Where is the coldest place in the world?


Coldest place on earth; Vostok Station, Antarctica -89.2 celcius (-128.56 farenheit)   Coldest place where people live; Oymyakon, Sakha, Russia -71.3 celcius (-96.34 farenheit) Coldest city; Yakutsk, Sakha, Russia -64.6 celcius (-84.28 farenheit)

Norfolk Island blues

Norfolk Island is the little known tax-haven where I spent the weekend with a bunch of travel agents. I expected it to be pretty. What I didn’t expect was that it would be fascinating. There is so much to know about this 8km x 5km island due east of Ballina on the NSW North Coast. […]