Win-a-palooza: Win a trip to Fabulous Las Vegas with Carlton Draught


Quick sticks! The fine folk at Carlton Draught are running a competition that closes at 2pm, Friday 29th July. The prize: Return travel and transfers to Las Vegas, departing on 4th August, 2011 Three nights of 4-star accomodation Travel insurance for the group $3K spending money Bear suits to run amok with To enter, all you […]

What do you think?


Dearest Good Looking People, I need your help. What do you want to see more of on this blog? Are you happy? How can I make you happier? I live to serve you, Precious Readers. Can you please give me some brutally honest feedback? Bring it on. My loins are girded (what the hell does […]

Snow aliens on Mt Owen


Everybody has heard of snow angels but snow aliens? They’re new. A snow alien is what happens when you land on your back in hard, icy snow and your head leaves a giant hole but your arms and legs look spindly. I discovered this new life form when I was on a Lord of the […]

Trivia Tuesday: What was New Zealand’s ‘Shrek’?


‘Shrek’ was a sheep that went walkabout and was discovered in a cave three years after he disappeared.

Christchurch is OK


I wasn’t sure what to expect when I arrived in Christchurch yesterday. Devastation? Rubble? A city destroyed by disaster? Nope. Christchurch is actually OK. Around the perimeters of the city, there is evidence of the quake. Some houses are held up by wooden struts, while others are missing chunks of eaves and roof. The CBD […]

Travel Tales: Philip Engelberts, Director of boutique travel PR agency


Name: Philip Engelberts Age: 44 Occupation: Director of boutique PR agency specialising in travel and tourism clients. Favourite travel destination: Thailand – for its people, its culture, its food and its shopping! Worst travel experience: Being stuck in San Francisco (a city I love by the way!) for three nights in a row, unable to […]

Yulefest at The Carrington: Best. Weekend. Ever.


There is something exciting about a girl’s weekend – the delicious promise of wine, shopping and maniacal laughter. A little while back, I was lucky enough to win a night at The Carrington for Yulefest so I decided to take two of my lady friends on a fake Christmas adventure. Arriving at the hotel, you […]

Slovenia: Land of chicken kicking


As a European virgin, visiting Slovenia was a lot like falling in love for the first time. I walked around in a dopamine haze, high on Baroque architecture, wildflowers and half-pissed on exotic grape varietals. From the cobblestone streets, to the castles, to the market square populated with fairytale produce, I couldn’t get enough of […]

Trivia Tuesday: What is the name of the world’s newest country?


Did you know that a new country was created at 12.01am on Saturday 9th July, 2011? After two civil wars spanning 50 years and the death of over 2 million people, the Republic of South Sudan has formed. What were they fighting about? Ostensibly, religion. The north is primarily Arab and Muslim and the south […]

Blossom Media lives: A freelancer by any other name …


I love freelancing. I love walking downstairs in the morning, making a cup of coffee and switching on my computer. I love wearing my pyjamas until noon and listening to my music while I work. I feel much more peaceful when I work from home. I nap when I’m tired, I make fresh salads for lunch and I […]