Where’s Nellie?

She’s moved onto a place where lawyers from all over the world come to get stoned. Where on earth could she be?

Medina Grand, Adelaide

Medina Grand

Secret tunnels, hidden courtyards and private chambers give the Medina Grand Treasury a very appealing Downton Abbey-ishness. It’s easy to succumb to flights of fancy involving Lords, wicked corsetry and French silk frocks … but I digress. This elegant sandstone hotel is situated in the cultural heartland of downtown Radelaide for maximum convenience. Rundle Mall is […]

Trivia Tuesday

Portland Oregon

Props to the people of Portland who are, according to an OkCupid survey, the frontrunners in that casual sex stakes. Looking to, erm, make friends in the States? Make sure you add these cities to your itinerary: Portland (Oregon; not Maine) Seattle Pittsburgh Miami San Francisco Dallas San Bernardino (California) Denver San Diego Houston Where […]

Wine lover’s guide to SA

There’s a reason ‘Barossa’ rhymes with ‘Berocca’. Too. Much. Fun. Gnarly old growth vineyards, exuberant locals and a cornucopia of fresh produce give this wino hotspot a decidedly hedonistic vibe. Forget Jack Daniels; Bacchus lives here. I was lucky enough to have Sharon Wild, a Master of Wine-in-the-making, as my guide for the Barossa Food […]

Awkward town names

Intercourse Pennsylvania

I recently drove over Awkward Gully, then Purgatory Creek. A while later came Skeleton Creek. The names made me laugh (what can I say, there wasn’t much else around to keep me amused). Once upon a time, they must have been called those for a reason. But why? For the former, I’d like to think […]

Trivia Tuesday

China flag

China is so interesting. It is one of the oldest civilisations on earth and was originally ruled by imperial dynasties (see: Ming, Tang, Qing, etc). Marco Polo was the first person to call it China and also popularised the term ‘china’ for porcelain. It was Mao Zedong, of Little Red Book fame, who first called it The People’s […]

Where’s Nellie?


Does anybody know where young Miss Duffy is enjoying her vino blanco?

The new Ford Focus

I have always had fairly crappy cars; the kind of clapped-out relics thieves pass over in disdain. Subsequently, driving a brand spanking new Ford Focus was a massive novelty. I felt so much better about myself. In fact, I felt slightly superior which goes some way to explaining the banker wanker Ferrari trend (see: obnoxiously prosperous). […]

Travel Tales


Name: Ben Hutchings Age: 28 Occupation: Manager, Paperbark Camp Favourite travel destination?: Berlin because, for me, travel success is gauged on the people I meet along the way. I try to shy away from tourist traps and generally won’t even visit the proclaimed ‘must see’ sites to a destination as I seek true community fun. […]

Trivia Tuesday


Until recently, I had never actually wondered this. Latin is one of those things that just is, like the sun or the stars or the neverending production of Law & Order: SVU. Guess what? It originated in the Latium region of Italy near the River Tiber and was spoken by Ancient Romans. Read more on […]