Black Magic in Certaldo

stilts and flag

Lisa Perkovic explores her dark side in the hills of Tuscany Once a year hidden high in the Tuscan hills, the streets of Certaldo are given over to the dark side. Under cover of darkness thousands of people converge on the cobblestoned roads to revel in Mercantia, the annual International Festival of Street Theatre. For […]

Trivia Tuesday: Rare flowers


Where does the world’s rarest flower grow?  What’s that, I hear you say? No idea? OK, I’ll tell you because it’s unbelievably interesting. The Apetahia or One-Sided Flower grows only in hidden places on top of Temehani, a mountain on the sacred Polynesian island of Ra-iatea. It won’t grow anywhere else on the island – […]

Life + Stuff: Competition


I am the least competitive person on earth. I have been known to walk off a netball court because I was bored. Admittedly I was five at the time but it accurately illustrates how much I care about winning (ie. I don’t). Life is not a race. I am not your opposition. Competition leads to some […]

Pret-a-Portea, London

Berkeley Tea Stand

Lisa Perkovic checks out a high fashion high tea at the Berkeley Hotel in London. It’s London Fashion Week, and if you don’t have front row seats, don’t worry. The Berkeley Hotel’s Pret-a-Portea – a fashionista’s afternoon tea – is the perfect way to find out the hottest looks for this season. Each season the […]

Trivia Tuesday: Air alphabet

Do you know the NATO phonetic alphabet used in aviation? My initials are Echo Golf. What are yours? Here it is, fresh off the Wikipedia press: Letter Code word Pronunciation US Army standard[6] ICAO[4] and ITU Roman standard[7] FAA standards[8][9] ICAO IPA standard[4] Consolidated transcription A Alfa (ICAO, ITU, IMO, FAA) Alpha (ANSI) AL fah AL FAH ALFAH […]

Travel Tales: Simon Bernardi


Name: Simon Bernardi Occupation: Group General Manager Wholesale, The Jetset Travelworld Group Favourite travel destination?: I have many favourites depending on my mood and how long since I was last there. One of my favourites, which I try to get to every year with my family, is Hawaii – its  fantastic! Easy to get to and affordable, it’s got everything […]

Life + Stuff: Body


I had a Hawaiian Ka Huna and lomi lomi massage today and it changed me. Sometimes it’s easy to forget how much our bodies affect our mood. It’s moronically obvious but I have been feeling dreadful all week. My neck and back have been killing me, I’m tired and I have a mysterious pain in my chest. […]

Trivia Tuesday: Indigenous tribes


Can you name any of the indigenous tribes in Australia? Did you know that Bennelong Point where the Opera House stands was named after an Eora elder? Did you know that ‘Palya’ is how you say ‘Hello’ in Anangu Pitjantjatjara, the most commonly spoken Aboriginal language? There’s so much to learn. Check this link out if you’re […]

Graceland, Memphis, Tennessee


Hattie B. Staedtler visits the Kingdom. I’m going to Graceland, Graceland, in Memphis, Tennessee – but not because you are, Paul Simon. Try Googling “Elvis Presley Peace in the Valley” and by the time you get to “Elvis Presley pea” the suggested search is “Elvis Presley Peanut Butter”. Such is the legacy of the world’s […]

Life + stuff: Stop listening

Life and stuff

Do you listen to other people’s opinions? Do you then change your mind, beliefs or behaviour based on those opinions? It’s normally considered a good idea to listen to other people. In fact, society strongly encourages us to listen to our peers; parents, teachers, employers, partners, friends and mentors. But what if they’re all wrong? […]