Top 10 Cheap Travel Tips


Someone rudely suggested that I should give up travelling simply because I am broke. What nonsense! I will NEVER give up travelling. I live and breath and crave travel. Travel can be expensive but it doesn’t have to be. Here are a few tips to keep costs down: List your home on Air Bnb while you […]

Life + Stuff: Sucky


Things that currently suck: – My enormous tax bill; the result of a dodgy accountant who failed to lodge my 2009/2010 return. I have no spending money and I can’t afford frilly knickers, concert tickets or fancy chicken dinners. Hmph. – Clients that don’t pay their invoices on time. I am a contractor and therefore […]

Travel Hot List for 2012


This is my *impossible to substantiate list of places you should go if you want to out-cool everyone, including that guy at the dinner party who says he is a foreign diplomat but who might be a spy: 1. Sri Lanka India without all the hassle. Less people equals more order. Transport runs to schedule, […]

Camping at Mill Creek, NSW

Mill Creek

Q: What do bogans and large Middle Eastern families have in common? A: They both hang out at Mill Creek Camping Ground on a Saturday night. When Natureboy and I decided (at the last minute) to go camping, we realised (too late) that a lot of the beachside campsites are booked out waaaaay in advance. […]

Life + Stuff: Snappy

Indian ladies

Lately I’ve noticed how intrusive photography can be. Whenever anything noteworthy happens, my first reaction is to grab my iPhone. On a recent group trip to India, twelve cameras would appear every time an elephant, palace or sari-clad villager came into frame. We all started seeing everything as photo opp, a process that interfered with […]

Top 5 things to do in India


Rather than waxing lyrical about Punjabi saris, psychedelic religious beliefs and outrageously fabulous Mughal architecture, I am going to make it easy for you. Here’s what I loved about India: 1. The forts and palaces of Rajasthan I learnt one key thing: Mughal kings had a lot of concubines. They also had an unlucky first […]

Trivia tuesday: Porn park


This one goes out to all the lovers … Which country has a theme park that is dedicated to biblical get-to-know-you games?

Sydney nudist beach


Natureboy and I were pondering our Sunday options. Bushwalking? Swimming? Bushwalking and swimming? We consulted the Google oracle and Wildwalks delivered Little Congwong Beach into our eager eyeballs. Located at La Perouse in Sydney’s south, this secluded fingernail of sand and emerald water is a mere 100m stroll from G-rated Congwong Beach. Despite National Parks […]

Trivia Tuesday: Big cave


Where is the biggest cave in the world? First person to answer correctly gets a gold star!

Playa la Virgen, Chile


Laura McWhinnie goes swimming with virgins in Chile Arriving at Playa la Virgen was like when Leonardo Dicaprio finally found the turquoise waters and white sands in the movie The Beach. After an epic 12-hour road trip through the Atacama Desert that ended with our passenger door almost falling off, roadside food poisoning and a GPS that tried to […]