Happy Lei Day!


May 1st is a public holiday in the Hawai’ian Islands and a huge celebration of local culture; hula, ukeleles, slack key guitars, Aloha shirts and sunshine. You will find me freezing my sweet ass off outside the QVB from 8am – 10am handing out leis and asking people to enter the Lei Day competition at www.winhawaii.com.au Come and say Hi. […]

Life+Stuff: Love your life


It’s taken me a long time to figure out how to love my life.  I’ve spent years feeling overwhelmed, anxious and exhausted. I’ve tried to conform, achieve and contort myself into standard issue roles. I’ve failed in varying degrees and I’m finally starting to feel OK. I have taken to sleeping in, eating whatever I […]

Cabin Porn

Cabin porn

Do you dream of a cabin in the wilderness? I do. I want to build a shack out of straw bales, mud and recycled building materials. I want to boil billies, sleep under stars and drink wine in outdoor bathtubs. Yes. That’s what I want. If you’re into that sort of thing, check out Cabin […]

Lockley’s Pylon bushwalk, NSW

Lockley's Pylon

Sunday morning arrives and I’m hungover, cranky and altogether too tired to be awake at 8.30am. Yes, I am one of those people. Irresponsible, gig-attending and wine drinking. Nonetheless, it’s not raining so my friends and I are going for a bushwalk in the Blue Mountains. Natureboy has sussed out a route – Lockley’s Pylon – so […]

Travel Tales: Mark Thomson

Mark Thomson

Name:  Mark Thomson Occupation: Assistant Director of Public Relations for Anantara Resorts and Spas Favourite travel destination?: Laos Worst travel experience?: Getting drugged on a train from Madrid to Algeciras and still managing to stay wake for the entire 12 hour journey (it’s a very long story …) Best meal you’ve ever had while travelling?: Street […]

Life+stuff: Fat


I’m fat and I’m OK. I’m healthy, happy and my weight doesn’t get in the way of anything except for wearing bikinis which, quite frankly, doesn’t make up a large part of my day. Ever. Not once have I gotten up in the morning and thought, ‘What am I going to wear to work?’ and […]

Travel Tales: Analee Matthews


Name:  Analee Matthews Age: 38 Occupation: Editor, Fitness First magazine. Favourite travel destination?: Vietnam. Worst travel experience?: I think every experience is valuable even if it’s not enjoyable at the time. Best meal you’ve ever had while travelling?: The street-fare in Vietnam (pho/noodle soup, rice paper rolls). Best/scariest/funniest drive?: The old route 66 in the US – […]

Best Australian Blogs Nomination


Guesswhatguesswhat? SheGoes has been nominated in the Sydney Writer’s Centre’s Best Australian Blogs Competition! This is the equivalent of a Gold Logie for bloggers – I could be the Lisa McCune of 2012. If you love me and have a spare 30 seconds, I beseech you – in true narcisstic fashion – to vote for […]

An Idiot Abroad

An Idiot Abroad

Have you watched An Idiot Abroad? My darling Mummy ji loaned me a copy of the DVD and boy, am I glad she did. I am transfixed. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, here’s a 101: Comedians Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant send their hapless mate Karl Pilkington off to see the seven wonders of […]

Go For Gold Festival, Nundle NSW


There is nothing I love more than homemade chutney and handicrafts so The Nundle Go for Gold Festival, held annually over the Easter long weekend, is a cracker. Stalls line the main street of Nundle selling delights such as goats milk soap (complete with friendly commentary about the whopping, uncooperative udders of a favoured goat), […]