Tallow Beach Camping, NSW

Tallow Beach

Natureboy needed to get away. This is his story. Have you ever had one of those weeks where you just need to get away from everything? That’s how the week felt to me, so I booked a campsite and headed to the beach. My initial choice was booked out so I wound up at Tallow Beach […]

Tour Review: Contiki Western Europe


Name:Rachel Monk Age: 34 What tour company did you travel with?: Contiki Where did you go?:  All over Western Europe – Paris, Lucerne, Nice, Florence, Rome, Venice, Muich, Vienna, Prague, Amsterdam and a couple of other random places. Who was your tour leader?: Tour Leader was Jenn, an early thirties American who has been living […]

Life+Stuff: Needs


You need: 1. Air 2. Water 3. Shelter 4. Food 5. Sleep 6. Exercise But really, there’s more to it. You need clean air and water, nutritious food, safe shelter, enough sleep and exercise to stay strong. You possibly need money, literacy and numeracy skills and some form of medication to function effectively. I believe […]

Film Review: The Way

The Way

Patchy editing and an overwritten script do little to dissuade viewers from joining grieving father (Martin Sheen) and a ragtag band of pilgrims on an 800km walk to the Spanish sea. Upon discovering that his estranged son (played by Emilio Estevez) has died on the El camino de Santiago in the French Pyrenees, American opthamologist […]

Sea-sided in Sihanoukville

A Weimann_Sihanoukville (1)

Anya Weimann’s account of a languorous Cambodian paradise Sihanoukville is a strange paradise, composed of dusty red-soil roads, colour-chequered huts and houses and weather-beaten seaside bungalows. The highest point fall into space on two sides and lush green fields rolls down on one, powdery picture-perfect sand to the ocean on the other. All the names […]

Saigon: Love at first sight

A Weimann_Saigon (1)

Anya Weimann is having a love affair with Mr Minh. It is not like me to fall in love with a city straight away. Certainly not with large crowded cities that are part of the international trail of tour-groups and backpackers. But when I got to Saigon and met Mr Minh, all my defenses were […]

Kosciuszko hike

Natureboy loves a good walk. This is his story about a rather long stroll in the countryside. A few friends recently made a pact to do more outdoorsy things. After a few walks and car camping trips, someone decided we should walk the main range track from Charlotte Pass to Kosciuszko – the highest point […]

Travel Tales: Holly Galbraith

Holly Galbraith

Name: Holly Galbraith Age: 35 Occupation: Social Media Marketer – Go Future Media Favourite travel destination?: Really hard to pick, my last trip was Sri Lanka so that’s the top of my list at the moment. An easy place to travel in with awesome people, food, weather, Ayurvedic spa treatments and also really cheap. Best […]