Hoyran, Turkey

Young adult fiction author Mick Hearle explores a village lost in time.  Today, I saw a girl from the village riding a donkey and talking on a cellphone. She had a faded red scarf covering her hair and dusty bare feet. I smiled and waved at her as she passed, and she smiled back. Behind […]

Travel Tales: Edwina Dick

Edwina Dick

Name: Edwina Dick Age: 37 Occupation: Freelance Writer and Mum of two. Favourite travel destination?  Southern Italy and Hawaii (can I also say Paris, NY and Chillagoe too?) Best meal you’ve ever had while travelling?:  For me, meals are an opportunity for three fully-clothed thrills a day and- eeek- travelling  sends me in to a […]

Vanuatu so far

Vanuatu so far   Things I have noticed so far: – Bob Marley is still hugely popular here – There is no bartering for anything – what joy! – Just about every mini-van on the road is a taxi or a bus (as indicated by the ‘B’ or ‘T’ on the number plate. You flag […]

Top Five: Kangaroo Island


 Kangaroo Island is a tiny speck in the great Australian Bight; close enough to the mainland that you can still see it, but far enough away to earn the term ‘The Galapagos of Australia’. My very dear friend Melanie and I went over for a long weekend, courtesy of the awesome team behind Hooroo, a […]

Travel Tales: Fouad Kassab

Fouad Kassab

Name: Fouad Kassab Age: 32 Occupation: Cook/Writer/Blogger/Software Engineer Favourite travel destination?: France. Paris is an incredible city – unlike anywhere else I’ve ever been and I’d love to go back there. But my heart belongs to Provence. I stayed in a small ochre-hued village called Roussillon in the Luberon region. Life takes on a different pace when you’re surrounded […]

Sponsored post: Why I love Qantas


Between union disputes, social media disasters and increased fuel prices, poor old Qantas has taken a beating recently. But you know what? I still love ’em. Here’s why: The Neil Perry menu in Business Class and Premium Economy is excellent. The salad tastes fresh and the dressing is olive oil and balsamic vinegar; not some […]

iPod, iPad, Kindle or paperback?


How do you watch, listen and read when you’re travelling? Have you embraced the iPad? Or are you an iPod traveller, using those handy white plugs to block out everything from traffic noise to girl-next-door coitus? I’ve always been a die-hard paperback girl, loading up half of my luggage allowance with a stockpile of reading material. I’m also a […]

Tourism marketing dream


I wish someone would let me loose with the marketing budget for a tourist destination. I would spend it on a beautifully designed, SEO optimised, up-to-date website that is easy to navigate and tells you where to stay, eat, shop and play with contact details and Google maps. It would be a pay-to-play system where tourism […]

Life+Stuff: Public speaking

Winston Churchill

Something remarkable happened this week: I enjoyed speaking in public. I have been going to Toastmasters for over a year now because I wanted to learn how to make a speech without sweating, giggling or having my voice go up an octave. For those of you that haven’t heard my voice, I sound like a muppet. […]

Tour review: Intrepid Morocco

Jo Stewart

Tour Review: Intrepid Travel Morocco Name: Jo Stewart What Tour Company did you travel with? Intrepid Travel (I’m lucky enough to work for Intrepid so I get to sample the wares so to speak!) Where did you go?: Morocco, with most of our time spent in Marrakech and the High Atlas Mountains. The name of the tour was […]