Life+Stuff: When in Rome

Young Masai boy peruses menu at milk bar

What are your feelings about this old aphorism? Should people try to act like locals when they’re in another country? Or should they retain their cultural differences with pride? I completely support trying new things, being culturally sensitive and avoiding embarassment (and arrest) but I’m just not sure about the whole, ‘when in Rome’ thing. Can’t […]

Travel Tales: Lyndon Barnett

Lyndon rocking the Red Centre

Name:Lyndon Barnett Age: 36 Occupation: Travel Writer Favourite travel destination?: The Middle East. I’m a history buff, so the opportunity to explore a region that is at the very heart of our culture was amazing. You can’t beat the Roman ruins of Jerash, the artistry on the walls of the tombs in the Valley of […]

Wolgan Valley Resort & Spa

So I went to Wolgan Valley, Emirates’ 5 star luxury resort set on 2,000 acres of former grazing land just near Lithgow, NSW. I’d heard a lot about this place, seeing as though it’s supposed to be the best luxury lodge in Australia. And you know what? It is pretty damn good. What I liked about it […]

Life+Stuff: Space

Ivan Goodacre

Personal space, time and space, outer space; there’s a lot of spaces that humans long for, dream about and explore through physics and complex mathematical equations. On the weekend I was walking The World’s Greatest Dog aka Dash the poodle along the roadside in Tamworth. Looking out over the paddocks – nothing special, mind you […]

Travel Tales: Lara Nickson

Lara Nickson

Name: Lara Nickson Age: 30 Occupation: PR Manager Favourite travel destination?: Cuba Best meal you’ve ever had while travelling?: Too many to narrow down! But it’s hard to resist Nutella crepes in Paris. Best kiss?: French… in Paris. Best/scariest/funniest drive?: The drive from the hills in Sri Lanka to Tangalle is absolutely beautiful. The funniest was […]

Istanbul, Turkey


Young adult fiction writer Michael Hearle explores Istanbul. çok teşekkür ederim means thank you very much in Turkish. When spoken aloud it sounds like ‘two sugars and a dream’. I use the phrase frequently while visiting Istanbul and every time the locals grin. I suspect my pronunciation may be off. This is the last stop […]

Darwin: So Hot Right Now


I have been wanting to go to Darwin for ages and started planning a trip up there earlier this year until I realised how much it was going to cost. Hint: a LOT. In fact, it was going to cost more for return flights to Darwin, car hire and 1 x night of accommodation than a […]

Look Polished at Vibe Sydney

Vibe Sydney Pool Vert

Sometimes you just need to drink Champagne, paint your nails and giggle like, well, a girl. Recently I did this exact thing with my dear friend, Mona T, who also happens to be my boss at Sultanate of Oman Tourism. Our office had been nominated for a big, fancy industry award so we needed to […]

Life+Stuff: You don’t have to

Em G

Whatever it is that you think you have to do, you don’t have to. It’s that simple. Don’t want to get married, have babies, go to work, wear a suit, pay tax, be a good citizen? Don’t do it. You don’t have to. There isn’t much that you absolutely have to do. There will be consequences, no matter […]

Travel Tales: Elise Phillips

Elise in a helicopter

Name: Elise Phillips Age: A lady never tells, but I’m still sub-30 for now Occupation: Social Media Manager (I play on Facebook for a living) and blogger at Favourite travel destination?: Hawaii. It might not seem like the most exciting or adventurous place to go, but there is something unmistakable about the sense of calm […]