Life+Stuff: Clucky

Pasture raised chickens feeding

Babies. They’re freakin’ everywhere. All over Facebook, in strollers at the supermarket, spreading a contagion of adorability everywhere I go. Yes, I am finally clucky. I used to think that cluckiness was something that would never happen to me, like falling in love with the Abominable Snowman or winding up in rehab with Amy Winehouse. […]

New direction for SheGoes


Aloha Beautiful People! I just made a big decision. Rather than focusing on travel, I have decided to expand SheGoes to include all manner of juicy, delicious, joyful things. Because I am a country girl with a full-time job again, I am not able to travel as much (boo hoo) as I used to. I am […]

Life+Stuff: Get happy

Lucy Munchenburger

Sometimes all the work has been done for you. You don’t need to spend your life puzzling over what will make you happy because Eleanor Roosevelt has already figured it out. Read on for her eloquent summary: ‘Someone once asked me what I regarded as the three most important requirements for happiness. My answer was: ‘A […]

Top Five: Oman

View from the top of Jabreen Castle

If you like holidays with sand (beach and desert), warm water, palm trees (date) and 36 degree sunshine, you simply cannot go past Oman in Autumn. It’s got all the mystique of ancient Arabia but with the modern pleasantries of air-conditioning and wi-fi. After all, history is fun but so is a glass of wine […]

Leaving Oman

I am in love with Oman; with the constant sunlight, the warmth, the stark rocky mountains that converge with the extra salty azure sea. The Islamic influence in every detail creates order, serenity and geometry at every turn. The palette of the entire nation is pure Vogue Living; sand, ochre, sage and white. Blue and […]

Oh man Oman!

Nizwa Fort

Holy smoke is the smell of Oman; sweet, spicy frankincense. The arid desert is punctuated by swathes of white buildings decorated with blue tiles. Date palms, thorny bushes and goats provide splashes of colour between the chambray blue sky and the denim blue sea. The light is blinding. Men wear full length white dish dashas […]

Travel Tales: Marg Barry

Name: Margaret Barry Age: 62 Occupation: Director of Magg Bali (Fashion), Founder and CEO Bali Children Foundation (educating poor children in remote Bali) Favourite travel destination?: Northern and Western Bali. As quiet and remote as possible. The mountains overlooking the Java sea (North of Lovina) are a spectacular spot to stop. Travel through them, over the top […]