Did you know that one of the greatest regrets of people on their death bed is that they lived the life that other people wanted for them. They weren’t true to themselves. They made people pleasing choices. They feared disapproval and rejection. Being yourself – your most glorious, unfettered self – is hard and will […]

Life+Stuff: Losing

So I am not the Queen of Tamworth after all. After a mad 10 days populated with Sydney, Orange, Melbourne and Brisbane visitors, Queen Quest entrants, country music artists and fans, as well as fair slog of normal work and community volunteering, I rocked up to a crowning dinner on Sunday night. I was shagged but I […]

The Great Ocean Road

They don’t call it ‘great’ for nothing. While countless travellers think of it merely as a long stretch of road that links attractions, the Great Ocean Road is actually the term for the entire coastal region between the Bellarine Peninsula and Portland. More than 243 kilometres make up the Great Ocean Road, and there really is no […]

Tamworth Country Music Festival

I'm on a bull

Holy hootenanny! How different things can be when you’re the legal drinking age and the Tamworth City Council makes some intelligent organisational changes. I grew up in Tamworth and, like most other residents, feared the annual Country Music Festival. Toothless hillbillies would descend upon the town and blast tuneless noise at ever increasing volumes. The […]

How to work overseas

Financing Long Term Travel by Working Remotely Quitting your day job and spending several months or even years travelling the globe is a common dream. The good news is that it’s now easier to make this dream a reality if you bring your laptop along in your backpack. Saving up a safety net is still a good idea before […]

Queen Quest 2013

Queen Elizabeth II

So I am an entrant in the Tamworth Country Music Festival Queen Quest 2013. I have always thought I would make an excellent monarch; doling out sweets to street urchins, flipping coins to peasants and generally entertaining the court with hilarious quips about cake and my wacky husband Louis. But I digress. Queen Quest is […]

Myanmar (Burma) 101

Dusk at the Shwedago Pagoda - Travel Indochina

How long have the borders of Myanmar (Burma) been open to tourists? Burma has always been open to tourists. It was a voluntary move by the majority of travel companies and independent travellers not to visit Burma. This was down to Aung San Suu Kyi’s (long-time pro-democracy activist and head of the National League for […]

Life+Stuff: The boy room

The boy room

My friend Tennille shared a very interesting theory with me yesterday: The Boy Room. This theory states that in every woman’s brain, there is a room reserved for boys. When we get dumped, heartbroken or otherwise rejected and this room vacates, our brain freaks out a bit and we frantically start trying to find a new tenant. […]

Travel Hot List 2013

It’s time for my annual credibility gamble – the Hot List of destinations that I think will start to gain traction in 2013. Last year I predicted that Sri Lanka, Bhutan and Oman would become sought after and you know what? I think I was on the money. They may not be booming but I […]

Life+Stuff: Douchebags


Lately I have had a bit of exposure to douchebags; the kind of men who revile their mother and frighten animals. I have learnt a thing or two about how to spot them. Read on, dear friends, and save yourself the embarassment of dating one of these creatures. 1. They have no friends No best […]