Air NZ meets Bear Grylls

Bear Grylls

I want to hug the marketing team at Air New Zealand. I also want to go to their team meetings. Honestly, has there ever been a more creative, brave group of people with an appreciation of the ridiculous? They’re Monty Python for a new generation. Check out their latest work – The Bear Essentials safety video – […]

Travel Tales: Kristen McKenzie

Kristen McKenzie

Name: Kristen McKenzie Age: 32 Occupation: Head of Community and Public Relations at Favourite travel destination?: I used to live in Vancouver, Canada and always loved hopping on the ferry over to Vancouver Island for weekend getaways. I might be biased, but I think it’s one of the most gorgeous spots on the planet. Stunning […]

I want a mini horse

Mini horse

I am currently obsessed with miniature horses. I had a full scale quarterhorse in my backyard earlier this week. I fell completely in love with it but it’s not practical for me to have a big one. Hell, it’s not practical for me to have a small one either but I WANT ONE SO BADLY. I found one on […]

East Hotel, Canberra

East Hotel

I am a little bit in love. We only just met but I think it’s going to be quite the affair. The first thing I noticed was the Nespresso machine in Room 523. ‘You’re a caffeine addict too, Mr East?’, I wonder. Then I see the furnishings; the teal, mustard, grey and blue colour scheme, the framed […]

Human Brochure

Canberra weekend

I just got back from a totally kick ass weekend in Canberra. Yes folks – CANBERRA. The Australian Capital Tourism board came up with this thing called The Human Brochure where they invited a bunch of social media influencers down for a weekend of non-stop good times in one of four streams; Family Fun, Food and Wine, […]

Valentine’s Day


There are a lot of expectations around male/female relationships that enrage me. Like how guys are expected to buy girls flowers on Valentine’s Day and girls are expected to wax their vaginas in a fashionable way. I have no intention of ever getting a Brazilian EVER AGAIN. I am never going to expect a guy […]

I want to be Italian


I’ve decided that I should be Italian. Family history be damned. I feel Italian. So what exactly does this mean? My interpretation is as follows: I am allowed to wave my arms around a lot when I talk It’s totally fine to cook enormous meals and invite loads of people over whenever I want I can drink things like grappa, Ouzo […]



My new friend Bee reminded me about couchsurfing the other day so I promptly signed up. I have a spare room and I spend half my life feeling semi-lonely because I’m a pack poodle as opposed to a lone wolf. I would happily welcome random travellers into my home, especially if they speak English. I have also […]

Alone in Kyoto


Confession time: I have never been overseas alone. I am a little worried about my upcoming trip to Japan. Not only am I going it alone, I am not joining a tour, meeting a friend or doing anything that has been planned for me. I  am just showing up. I have booked my first night of […]