Northern Territory


Last Saturday I was sitting in the Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault module of my Lifeline counselling course (a bummer but a necessary one) and up on the screen, there was a slideshow of photos playing while the presenters were organising their talks. The photos belonged to Ena, the utterly adorable Fairy Godmother woman who […]

Koyasan is not near Kyoto

Temple pillars

Five trains, a cable car and a bus: that’s what it took to get from Kyoto to Koyasan in the Wakayama prefecture of Japan. With every leap in altitude, my confidence decreased. Where was I going? I had impulse booked a ryokan online that claimed to be near Kyoto. When I realised how not nearby it was, I […]

It’s OK to call Lifeline

Copyright Allie Brosh Hyperbole and a Half

Yesterday someone told me about a 27 year old man who committed suicide six weeks after he got married. Earlier this year, one of my friends did the same thing. Suicide is a very real threat in our society and Lifeline is one resource that’s available to people who are considering it. I have been learning to become […]

Travel (and life) Tales: Vashti Whitfield

Vashti - LA

What are the three things that bring you happiness in your daily life? The ability to walk, run, ride and play under a big blue sky and sunshine with the city and the ocean at my disposal. My two little ‘cubs’ and their curious, gentle and gorgeous personalities that are evolving everyday. Talking, writing, laughing […]

One little thing


One small change to my life has made a huge difference. Ever since I moved to Tamworth – and subsequently moved into a house directly opposite my office – I don’t have to rush around in the morning. Let me be clear. I am not a morning person. I feel horrible before 8am. This is not because […]

TEDx: Mind = blown

I have turned into a born again Tedx-ian. Every second sentence starts with, ‘When I was at TEDx…’ I apologise in advance for how annoying I am. But here’s the thing: it was that good. I have been working in PR for a long time and I’m immune to hyperbole. Jeez, I dole the stuff out […]

The Diamant Hotel and TEDx Sydney 2013

The Diamant Hotel, Potts Point

Being selected to be in the audience at TEDx Sydney 2013 rocked my world but presented some logistical challenges. I live in Tamworth. TEDx was in Sydney. I subsequently planned a mental couple of days catching up with friends and attending the conference, all with a nightmarish Greyhound commute thrown in. It was exhausting to even think about. […]

Postponing joy


I think about painting a lot. I also think about mosaicing and gardening. What usually happens is that I prioritise something else over these activities. I clean the house, do the washing, clear my emails or go grocery shopping. Sure, those things are important. They maintain and, yes, that brings a certain sort of peace. […]