Photobox comp

Em and Lou

Remember the days of films and albums and headless, underexposed people? I kind of miss that. Fortunately there is this new thing called Photobox where you can submit your photos and have them turned into canvas prints or photo books. Facebook albums are convenient but there’s something so archival about a hefty book. Because you guys are goddamn […]

Barcelona. 'Vintage Barcelona' Ciutat Vella

I love staying in other people’s houses. I especially love staying in other people’s houses when they’re not there. It’s not that I’m nosey; it’s more that I get that locked-in-a-department-store feeling of discovery. You get to poke around behind the scenes of someone else’s world; look at their books (and psychologically profile them based on […]

Shanghai nights


By Kelly Thomas Shanghai is one of the world’s busiest cities with something to do around the clock. Whether you’re into partying, midnight snacking or cultural events, Shanghai has something for you. Here’s an insider’s tip: when planning a trip to the city, find Shanghai hotels that are near the attractions you would like to visit […]

The wild women project

It’s back. It’s taken me a while to get organised (like, 18 months) but The Sensible Advice for Wild Women project is back. I don’t think I will do the book straight away. Instead, it will be a regular column here on SheGoes and I will collate the book from the best of what goes on […]

Lord Howe love-in

Lord Howe

Peace, perfect peace; a quietness of heart, a lightness of being. That’s how I felt after five days at Lord Howe Island. Many factors contributed to this sense of wellbeing. Travelling with a beloved friend, lucky sunshine in a week of ‘possible showers’, the kindness of our hosts Dani and Luke from Pinetrees Lodge and […]

Hunter Food Fight

Food Fight

By Tim White Something I love about working in the wine industry is the support given to junior winemakers. It’s common for up-and-comers  to receive advice from senior winemaker, as well as everyone else in the region. The Hunter Valley goes one step further. There are formal groups for young winemakers and places for young winemakers […]

Making wine in New Zealand

By Tim White Have you ever been to New Zealand? No? GO NOW, IT’S ONLY JUST OVER THERE AND SO FABULOUS! I can’t say that any other way. I’ve just come back from my first trip to New Zealand.  It’s so astounding to me now that I haven’t been before. The country is beautiful, the […]

Love stuff

I love honesty. I love courage. I want to have both. I have decided to start a new thing on here called Love Stuff. I am going to talk about love and spirit and beauty because truthfully, that’s what makes life worth living and yet we spend so little time talking about it. I signed […]