Travel Tales: Ben Groundwater

Ben Groundwater

Name: Ben Groundwater Age: 33 Where are you now?: At Victoria Falls Airport in Zimbabwe, waiting for a flight to Johannesburg. Favourite travel destination?:It would have to be San Sebastian in northern Spain. I love that place. I’ve been four times and it never loses its appeal. It’s only a small city but it’s got […]

Horsey holidays


By Emma Jane There’s nothing quite like riding the ranges on horseback, flags of hair whipping the wind and the sky, in an ever present distance. Horses are powerful, curious and adventurous, carrying explorers across every imaginable landscape; a silent, watchful companion to some of the most monumental discoveries and events history has to offer. […]

Budget Bali


Do you dream of travelling to Bali? Exotic travel is out of your financial reach if you’re trying to be frugal, right? The surprising truth is that a trip to Bali can be affordable if you know how to budget the entire stay. Bali is a common holiday destination for Australian tourists and is growing […]



Why isn’t there a word for excited + scared? I have always had this thing where I become extremely anxious whenever anything really good happens. It makes precisely no sense. I was awake most of last night suffering from this condition. The reason? I was offered – and accepted – my dream job as a […]

Vegetarian in Vancouver


By Hollie Rose Dining out can be a stressful experience for vegetarians, especially when they’re away from home and are not familiar with the current location’s best meat-free restaurants. Luckily, Vancouver is a haven for vegetarians and has a plethora of fantastic veggie options for visitors to choose from. Gone are the days of being restricted […]


Has anyone ever been to Tonga? I’m craving sunshine, warm water and South Pacific shores.I can’t afford a holiday but I can dream … Did you know that you can swim with whales in Tonga (one of only three places in the world you can do it)? Can anyone share any tips or advice on […]

Are you a gay kiwi?

Gay marriage woo hoo

Wanna get married? Air New Zealand aka The World’s Most Awesome Airline has announced that it will marry one lucky couple onboard a flight between Queenstown and Auckland on August 19, the day gay marriage becomes legal in NZ. Kiwi couples keen to walk down the aisle on board the Air New Zealand flight are invited to […]

Travelling light


I am in the process of packing up my house (again – the third time in two years) and it’s occurred to me that all this stuff is dead weight. I love my artworks, vintage glassware, books and collection of hand woven and embroidered tablecloths but I don’t need any of it. The thought of moving it makes […]

Snapshots of Sri Lanka

Once called ‘the island of serendipity’, Sri Lanka is a place where a rich culture and chequered history combine. Where cricket tragics, surfers, and adventurers meet Buddhist monks, fishermen, and orphaned elephants. Where the scent of cinnamon floats on the air and there’s a feeling that anything is possible. This collection of travellers’ tales has […]

Be yourself

Billy Connolly

I have developed a bit of a philosophical crush on Billy Connolly aka ‘The Big Yin’. Why? Because after reading one of his books, it’s vividly apparent that he is 100% authentic. He doesn’t lie. He doesn’t try to puff himself up. He is fearlessly opinionated and self-aware. If it’s cold, he’ll complain about freezing his […]