OKCupid is funny

Wondering if OKCupid is for you? Here are a few guidelines to help you figure out if this rapidly growing social dating site is your ticket to true love. Are you a web developer? Do you like meeting other web developers? There’s a disproportionately large number of web developers on this site. I estimate one […]

1888, Pyrmont


I don’t know who to thank for the revolution in Australian hotels but 1888 is another example of the good things that are happening here. ‘Boutique’ used to mean a) poisonously expensive, b) frilly curtains and bowls of potpourri, or c) uncomfortably small. These days, thanks to a mysterious force, boutique means interesting, well thought […]

Parrots on a plane


An international survey of 700 cabin crew by travel search site Skyscanner found that people leave some pretty weird shit on planes. The list includes: Live parrot Glass eye Falcon Prosthetic leg A bag of sand A clog Box of dried fish One shoe Wedding dress Bag of diamonds Wig Bag of onions Toupee Handcuffs […]

Rage against beige


You know that poem about raging against the dying of the light? In mid-life, I think we need to rage against beige. I can feel the conservatism creeping in. The sensible decisions and the early nights; the flossing and the broccoli. Mid-life is full of dull. Superannuation, health insurance, servicing the car. The mailbox is full […]

21 things to do before I die


I could put down sensible stuff like ‘get out of debt’ or ‘sort out my will’ but here’s what I really want to do: Have a ridiculous night out in New York City; the kind of night that ends with you feeling dazed, surrounded by strangers and wondering where your left shoe went. Sleep in a […]

Travel Tales: Juliet Siu

Juliet Siu

Name: Juliet Siu Occupation: Content Marketing Manager at Search Factory, Travel and Fashion Blogger on LaceNRuffles.com Favourite travel destination?: Paris has always been my dream destination even before I visited. First time in Paris? It totally felt like déjà vu. Seeing the Eiffel Tour light up and glitter in the blue hour was a pure […]

What to buy overseas

Have you ever come home from a trip only to discover you’ve spent a mint on awful souvenirs? Tacky knick knacks, novelty t-shirts and things made from shells? There’s something about being on holidays that lowers defences and loosens purse strings. It could be the Mai Tais, the Hawaiian music or the sunshine but something […]

How to cut down on stuff

House move

I’ve just moved house for the third time in two years, an activity that has forced me to focus on stuff. Actual stuff. Books, plates, old birthday cards, my collection of cords; I don’t know what they’re for but they look important. I am determined not to get myself into this situation again. Hence, my stuff avoidance plan: Join a […]