Club Med is my spiritual home

CLub Med

It’s probably a terrible enditement on my character that after all these years of searching, my spiritual home is a fancy summer camp. Club Med is the best. What started out as a humble post-war getaway for Frenchies has evolved into the perfect extrovert’s holiday. By day, you mountain bike, do yoga, swim and learn fun […]

Win a cruise, yo!

My homegirls at Royal Caribbean Cruises have just launched the world’s first Instagram film competition. For those of you who aren’t already COMPLETELY ADDICTED TO INSTAGRAM, it has this nifty new feature where you can make 15 sec videos and post them. It’s magical, like Hogwarts and Cholula hot sauce. All you need to do to […]

My life is a country song

Country album

My cat died, I lost my stuff in a fire and the guy I like doesn’t want a girlfriend. If I had access to a beer right now, I would be crying into it. It’s the Chinese year of the Black Water Snake and truthfully, if I had a shovel I would be chasing that goddamn […]