Canberra Wine Guide


By Sammie Bliss Overshadowed by its bigger winemaking cousin Adelaide, Canberra is sometimes overlooked as a holiday destination for wine lovers. Although it doesn’t necessarily have the size nor the PR power behind the bigger wine regions of Australia, Canberra produces some wonderful (and internationally acclaimed) drops. So hurry up and book a Canberra hotel […]

London shopping guide


By Emily Jones Going on a shopping spree in London is a dream of  most fashionistas. It doesn’t matter what your style is, in London you can always find something that will fit your taste. Unless you are already living in the English capital, you need to know what the main shopping areas are and where […]


I am starting to find internet dating soul destroying. My friend calls it That made me laugh a lot. I have tried out RSVP, OKCupid, Tinder and now eHarmony. When I was living in the country, I gave Harvest Dating a go too. Here’s my take on it – RSVP: A hot bed of confirmed […]

Why I’ll Never Have a Jamaican Boyfriend


By Caitlyn Bishop In Jamaica, women don’t have asses, they have ‘boompahs’. That is, ‘bumpers’ only pronounced with a demeaning Patois accent. Implying, why yes, like my car, my ass is big enough to absorb the shock of a rear-end collision without compromising its integrity. This makes perfect sense if you find yourself at any party […]

Touch of Spirit Tours, India


Mela, the founder of Touch of Spirit Tours, tells us about her journey to starting a tour company: 1. What’s your background? I have a bachelor degree in business and have worked as an accountant for most of my working life. I taught business subjects at a TAFE college for six years. During this time […]

Turkish delights around Dalaman


By Alex Siborn Turkey is a holiday destination of choice for those in search of a warmer climate, interesting culture, fabulous beaches and a real break from the norms of daily life. There are so many great places to go that choosing just one can be difficult. One destination that is growing in popularity is Dalaman. Holidays to […]

Radelaide: Get on it

Cambodian Space Project

It’s funny that people think that Adelaide is somehow less fun than Sydney or Melbourne. I mean, they make wine there. LIKE WIZARDS. I went on a little Barossa adventure about two years ago and got messed up in the best possible way. Two words: winemaker dinner. If you make friends in the wine regions […]

WWF launches wildlife tours

Holy panda cubs, homosapien friends! You can now book into fundraising tours with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) where you get to frolic around with pandas and orang-utans.The catch? You have to be a WWF supporter to qualify (ummm, easy – donate a few quid here). Details for the tours are as follows: China 1-12 June […]

Building a new nest


Much to my relief, I moved into my own place on the weekend. I have been housesitting and staying with friends for the past two months but I’m ready to have my own room again (I am a decorating tragic!). I can’t help but think this is a wonderful opportunity. After losing most of my […]

Tinder is fun


In my ongoing quest to meet a man who is not a douchebag, I signed up to Tinder, the Gen Y version of a dating site. Basically, it’s a hot or not app that’s linked to Facebook so you flick through pictures of people near you and say yes or no. If they say yes […]