How much is New York?

New York

I want to go to New York next year and I have exactly no money. According to Zuji, Sydney – New York flights start from as little as $1500 or so on Delta but what does accommodation cost? And things? What do things cost when you get there? What is the minimum amount of money […]

Letting go

I have reached the point in my life where I have to draw a line. On one side of the line is me, with all my imperfections and gifts. On the other side of the line are all the people who have taken advantage of me over the years. I can finally see that in […]

Your art


The world needs it. Imagine if Bjork became an accountant. The Beatles? Mechanics. Stevie Nicks became a hairdresser. Being an artist is hard. The pay is usually crap (if there’s any pay at all). The hours are never ending (and you can never retire). Being an artist is a way of life that requires sacrifice, […]