Oppositional states


We are taught that happy is the opposite of sad. Peace is the opposite of war. Rich is the opposite of poor. This is completely wrong. Life is all of these things all of the time. It’s not one or the other. It’s OK to be feel lots of things at once and it’s normal to […]

Love is hell

It’s easy to think that falling in love is a blissful state involving men in white linen pants on tropical beaches. It’s not. Falling in love is hell. It’s an anxious, paranoid, sleepless state that is less Seattle and more The Shining. You’re waiting for a hit. You’re anticipating rejection. You’re primping and preening and […]

WA road trip

Beautiful Broome

Travelling along the west coast of Australia is a road trip-enthusiast’s dream: long drives will be rewarded by incredible scenery and untouched beaches that rival some of the best in the world. From Perth to Broome, the coast is known as the Coral Coast, and en route you will pass some of these amazing sites during a […]

Thank you

It’s Oscars season so I just feel like going on a juice diet, putting on a frock and saying thank you. Firstly, thank you to the tech dudes at Marfeel. Because of them, you can now read SheGoes on your phone and e-reader without squinting like you’re looking at the sun. Thank you to my sponsors whose support allows me […]

Being single sucks


Some people are cut out for the lone wolf thing. I am not. I hate sleeping alone. I want someone to cuddle on the couch, have brunch and go on romantic holidays with. I know that being in a couple can suck waaaaay worse than being single. Sitting on the couch with a partner who ignores […]

Fun things to do in Perth

Shoalwater Island Marine Park

By Paul White You don’t need a lot of money to enjoy adventures, entertainment and natural attractions in Perth, but it doesn’t hurt if you share the capital city’s larrikin irreverence, a deep-rooted tradition that mocks authority, disregards norms of human behaviour and delights in light-hearted and no-worries humour. The city has an amazing climate, […]

How to live


Big headline, right? The point of life is learning how to live well. Some people have the knack for it. The first step in learning how to live is seeking out the people who are doing it right; they’re healthy, happy, balanced and successful. Surround yourself with them. Learn from them. Life is a huge thing with exponential […]

Witness the fatness

I went to a talk at Woodford Folk Festival by broadcaster Melanie Tait that struck a chord: it was about how being fat had affected her self-perception. When you’re fat – even a little bit – it can dominate your thoughts and pour bitterness over the sweetest experiences. On a recent holiday, I had just been for […]

Everybody loves ghd

ghd Wonderland

So I got given a ghd Wonderland to review. It showed up at work in a shiny peacock-coloured box. Even the guys were impressed. I took it home and my flatmates were intrigued. I felt like I’d brought a celebrity home. It sat on the dining room table, glimmering. The only problem is that my hair is […]

Adventures on Earth

Adventures on Earth COVER

My friend Lou’s new e-book is out and I can honestly say, it’s beautiful. As in, National Geographic beautiful. Lou has been pretty much everywhere and what I love is that she isn’t swayed by popular opinion. She goes with an open heart, mind and unfaltering curiosity. She has put together a bunch of her favourite […]