Dating advice for men


Looking for a lady to love? Here are a few tips from the other side of the fence to help you get into the hearts (and pants) of women with brains. 1. Spellcheck your online dating profile: Can’t spell to save your life? There’s this magical thing called Spellcheck on most word processors. Bad at grammar? […]


Barbie Dream House

I visited the Brand USA Roadshow earlier this week for work and I have to tell you, America has some fun stuff. Take, for example, The Mall of America that has just launched the life-sized Barbie Dream house where you can run around in a hot pink plastic mansion. Caesars Entertainment has just launched a […]

The newest in Papua

Have you ever been cruising around Papua New Guinea? It’s a pretty new thing and one of the last truly wild adventures you can have. The idea of cruiseships aka ‘floating RSL clubs’ freaks me out a bit but I would totally do this because the destination is so interesting and the ships are small. […]

Make room


Make room for what you want in life. Make room for a new love by farewelling the old ones once and for all. Make room for a new job by writing the applications, getting yourself into a financial position where you’re free to jump and by resigning. Make room for a healthy body by giving yourself […]

Sponsored video: Kia Ora hot ladies!

So I talked about the making of the new Air New Zealand safety video earlier this week and now it’s here: What I love about this safety demo-cum-advertisement is the incorporation of Cook Islands’ traditions; hula dancing, hangis (cooking underground), canoeing and the ever-present leis that are a huge part of South Pacific culture. Air […]

My weakness is my strength

Snaggle tooth

I floss my teeth so much because I have a snaggle tooth that catches things. I think I found a palm tree in there once. I go to yoga because I hurt my back jumping off a bridge when I was a teenager. I walk most mornings because I’m overweight. I value sleep because I […]

Road trip survival guide

Road trip

By Lara Anderson Planning a road trip should be fun. From deciding where you want to end up, the sights you want to take in on the way and the fun you’ll have when you get there, your journey should be the start of your adventure and therefore as exciting and stress-free as possible. But […]