What do you do in Perth?


So I have been invited to write a post about Perth, specifically what I would like to do there. The catch? I am in the running to win a trip for two if I come up with a list of things I would do if I visited. The problem? I have no idea! I have […]

I’m an idiot

Zombie themed wedding

Love makes fools of us all and once again, I have proven that I am a first-rate idiot. I met a guy online, we went on a couple of dates and before I knew it, I was head-over-heels in love and planning a Vegas wedding. Here’s the thing: I am super gullible. I believe people […]

Hot tip: XO Foodie Tour, Ho Chi Minh

XO foodie tour

I was chatting to a well-travelled lady at a work function last night and she told  me about her recent trip to Vietnam. During the course of our conversation, she told me that she did a food tour in Ho Chi Minh city called the XO Foodie Tour. I wanted to share this tip with […]

Exotic Sri Lanka


By Danny Thomson If you’re only taking one holiday this year, make it a good one. How about uncovering the splendour of Sri Lanka, known as the pearl of the Indian Ocean. This incredible island has natural beauty and rich history, but that’s not all … The pearl shaped island of Sri Lanka in South […]

Love is grand


OK, so my previous statements about falling in love may have been wrong. Love is actually pretty nice. It’s like sucking on helium and drinking Champagne and walking on sunshine all rolled into one. I know it’s just endorphins. I know it’s biology trying to kick me into procreativity. I know this and yet … … it’s […]

Best dirty weekends

Dirty weekend

One of the many excellent things about falling in love is the potential for dirty weekends. While you’re still madly in lust is the perfect time to pack a bag with lingerie, Champagne and not much else. But the real question is where to go? Where are the best dirty weekend getaways around Sydney In […]