Lilianfels and Darley’s

Lilianfels is fance-ay. It has toile wallpaper and tasteful black and white lino cut prints on the walls and delightful staff that are all polish and no spit. The grounds have hedges and fountains and all the things that indicate ‘quality and prestige’ to people who drive high-end 4WDs. But here’s the thing: the rooms […]

Needs versus wants

Keith Richards

I’ve always wanted a boyfriend who is into wine which goes some way to explaining why I get all groupie around wine makers, journalists and judges. I love wine and, by extension, love wine people. The problem is that wine people travel for work all the time, drink a hell of a lot and generally have […]

Spoon ban


I can be totally cool with a guy, we can be hanging out, fooling around, whatever. I am fine with all of that. I am still standing on firm ground. Until we spoon, that is. Spooning sends me way over the edge. You wrap your arms around me for a night and I wake up […]

Dating rules for women

Bridget Jones

A little while back, I wrote dating tips for men. In the interests of fairness and research, I asked my good buddy Tom to share his dating tips for women. Here’s what he said: 1. People want what they can’t have EG: We all need to get married in order to attract a man we really like? 2. […]

Your voice


I am afraid of singing in public. Like, really scared. The frustrating thing is that I’m an OK singer but the experience of trying to sing in public freaks me out so much that my throat closes up with nerves and I end up sounding terrible which just reinforces my fear. I have spent a lot […]

The ex files


Why can’t people just get over their exes? Why is it that when we think we’ve moved on, they’re still there, lurking in our subconscious and muddying the waters of our happiness? I have exes that pop up from time-to-time. Some are predictable; so predictable that I could write the script for any interaction. Some […]

Ayana go!

I met with the reps from Ayana in Bali the other day and now I’m a little bit obsessed. It could be that I’ve only had four hours sleep and anything that sounds like it could involve lying down is wildly appealing right about now. It could be that the weather is cooling down and […]