Sydney Harbour Marriott review (with a happy ending)

So some of you may remember my man and I were having some, erm, issues; namely the fact that he is still married to someone else. It’s not as bad as it sounds (he’s separated) but after many wines and many tears, it can be confusing. I thought we’d broken up. He thought we were […]


I have always found the concept of selling uncomfortable but the truth is that we’re all selling, all the time. Whether we’re asking for a pay rise, ‘promoting’ ourselves on a dating site or simply getting dressed in the morning, we’re all sending very clear message about our worth. This is where things get tricky. […]

How to travel on a shoe-string budget

Cha ching

Organising the funds to head off and travel with can prove hard enough, so if you find yourself struggling for cash as your tour the world; you are not alone. We have all been there and largely it is a case of ‘learn by doing’, so to speak. Tips can be especially useful as well, […]

A better class of jerk


So I dated a really lovely guy for a while there. He was intelligent, worldly, classy and fun. He was passionate and chatty and we had heaps in common. It was going really well. That is, until he decided to get back together with his wife, thus contravening the dating rules for men in a fairly […]

Broke ass blues

Dumpster diving

Being broke sucks. I recently moved and subsequently paid a massive chunk of change in bond and rent. Five days out from being paid, I have a zero balance. What’s interesting is that I am neither starving nor particularly worried. Why? Because I am surrounded by immense support. I have food in the pantry, I have […]

Perfectly imperfect


I can’t think of anything more tiring than trying to be perfect. I was talking to one of my most inspiring friends the other night and she was saying that she worries about being too down-to-earth; too real. I know that feeling. When I worked in PR, I was one of the few people in […]

The luxury of time

Courtney Love

I get to do some pretty fancy stuff these days but, as I realised recently, none of it means a good goddamn if you’re too tired, sick and overwhelmed to enjoy it. I had a couple of weeks that were jam-packed with activities; things I would normally love like overseas trips, glamorous parties, 5-star hotel […]