Choose a destination

four leaf clover

Where do you want to go in life? Imagine that your brain is a GPS and you need to program in an address. Where do you want to go? You need this information because your brain really is (metaphysically) a GPS. It will try very hard to take you where it thinks you want to go. The […]


dead flowers

Doubt is poisonous to happiness. It will eat the heart out of a flower in bud. I had this experience recently when I was dating a guy who was confused about what he wanted. He claimed to want me but also wanted to try and sort things out with his wife (they’re separated). We went […]

Woman seeks World’s Biggest Douchelord


Because I now have a vacancy. I have the remarkable ability to find the douchiest douchebags and fall in love them. Do you have a lot of baggage? A litter of illegitimate children? A wife squirrelled away somewhere? Maybe a prescription drug habit? Do you have a list of health complaints that would rival my grandmother? […]

What will $30 buy you around the world?

Hot dog

Travelling on a budget makes me really nervous as I am horrible at managing money. When I am overseas, I want to do everything and see everything which generally means I spend everything as well. What adds to this problem is that some people seem to be able to travel the world on tiny budgets […]

5 things to do in SF

Californian Redwoods

I totally understand why people fall in love with San Francisco. I stayed in Mission with my dear friend Tennille and it was so damn good. All the houses are these funny little 1950s walk-ups in coral pastels. You can buy a burrito the size of your arm for USD$7.50, there are dive bars galore […]

France for Euro 20


If you enjoyed watching the World Cup in Brazil as much as about three-quarters of the planet’s population seemed to – then maybe it’s time to start thinking about a trip to France for the next big international football tournament in two years’ time? The UEFA EURO 2016 Championships are scheduled to be held in […]

5 things to do in New York


New York. Even if you haven’t been, you know it. Manhattan has a kind of mythology attached to it; part Gotham city, part island of artists and thinkers. Visiting is as much about joining the dots from scenes in TV and movies as it is about getting a grip on what New York really is. […]