Light and easy


I was a bit down for a while there (see: the ‘I’m so fucking lonely’ post). That was cheerful. I felt like all my efforts were wasted and everything was futile and that life was just one enormous GYRE of CYCLICAL MISERY and DISAPPOINTMENT. But then I got drunk with my friend Jo and she revealed the […]

Winey wine wine


The kind folk at Stoneleigh sent me some of their new season Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Gris to try. As you have probably guessed, I love wine. At any given time, my blood is between 5 and 50 per cent wine. I’m a travel and events journalist; it comes with the territory. But here’s the […]

Dear Aunty Em


‘Why do guys ask for a card, if they’re not going to contact you? I recently met a nice guy and we hit it off, conversation was flowing, we had a lot in common and HE actually asked to grab a coffee sometime. He was even being nice to my friend and showing interest in […]

Get out of crazy town

Crazy town

‘We all go a little crazy sometimes’  – Norman Bates All the best people have the propensity for insanity but it’s a matter of reeling in the bad crazy. Earlier this year, I lost the plot over a guy I was dating. Like, really lost the plot. I got super drunk the night we broke […]

How to hook up like a pro


Gentlemen, I give you the ultimate guide to getting laid. Step 1: Kissing To be approached with gentleness, tenderness and subtlety. You are not Cthulhu at a seafood buffet. A woman’s face should never be covered in slime after you have attacked her and she should not look horrified when you come up for air. Don’t […]

Dear Aunty Em

Kathy Bates

‘Trust is an important thing for my girlfriend and I, and we both have friends of the opposite sex. I’m perfectly cool for her to hang out with her guy friends (even on a one on one setting). However, I’ve noticed a few of my female friends have been telling me they no longer want […]

Steamy Singapore


It’s Autumn and Singaporeans are psyched about the mild weather. If it wasn’t so illegal here, I would assume they were on crack. It’s definitely, definitely hot. I feel as though I am being braised in sweat, satay smoke and chilli (known endearingly as  ‘la la’). Step inside any of the futuristic buildings – some […]


I confess to having a bit of a penchant for them. It all started when I was supposed to interview a clairvoyant for ABC Newcastle. I toddled along cluelessly with my recording equipment and the full intention of coming away with a story but I ended up having a reading wherein I was warned against […]

Play your cards right


Think ‘glamour and travel’ and what comes to mind? Exotic locations, luxurious accommodation, bright lights, high rollers and a touch of razzmatazz: all of the above right? – You’re welcome to throw in one or two suggestions of your own if you’re keen to add ‘audience participation’ to the party. But aside from the really […]

Talk to me people

cheryl strayed

My other dream job – apart from my being a travel writer – is to be an Agony Aunt like Dear Sugar aka Cheryl Strayed. As you all know, I am really open about my feelings. People actually get very freaked out about how honest I am. I get a lot of people looking at […]