Heavenly Hana

Hawaiian language is full of references to heaven (lani), wind (makani) and stars (hoku). For me, heaven will forever be Hana, a tiny village of 2000 people on the easternmost tip of Maui. I’d always thought of Maui as being full of resorts populated with honeymooners and while yes, Hawaii is the land of the […]

Travel in hope, shop in certainty

Travelling is unquestionably great; it’s life-enhancing, stress- reducing, spirit-freeing and even occasionally mind-blowing. And returning home is almost as wonderful. The further you roam and the more that you see, the more you can’t help but be struck by that schmaltzy old Wizard of Oz truism – there really is no place like home! There […]

Trusting the universe

I was talking to my friend Mich the other day about my current romantic situation. I have fallen for a guy who is in love with someone else; someone who doesn’t seem to want him or love him back. Me and this guy have spent a bit of time together lately and it’s been beautiful. But then he tells […]

7 of the best travel apps

The days of having to carry around chunky travel guides, flimsy paper maps and heavy dictionaries on your travels are long gone. Today, all you need is your smartphone or tablet to do everything, from communicating with the locals and navigating your way around a new city, to finding the best places in town to […]

Does fate need a helping hand?

When you’re setting out on a date there are about 1001 things that can go wrong. We’ve all sampled a few of them – let’s not get bogged down in the messy details – sometimes, for whatever reason, things don’t work out as you’d hoped. Let’s talk about the positives instead. From this glass half […]

Dear Aunty Em

Dear Aunty Em, There’s this girl at work who I have been flirting with forever but I don’t know whether to make a move. All I know is that we want very similar things in life right now, and we get along pretty well. We chat a lot and she came to me for support […]


Feeling worn out? Beaten up by life? Hawaii will knock the cynicism right out of you. They have this thing called aloha. It’s a greeting and well-known tourism slogan but it’s also so much more. Aloha, as explained to me by Lily, the cultural advisor at Sheraton Kona on the Big Island, is all about […]

The best holiday destinations for relaxation


With the everyday stresses of modern life, sometimes we just need to get away from it all and put our feet up in a location that’s far from home. While a holiday spa might be a fun short term solution, there’s nothing like a complete change of scene to help you forget your troubles. If […]

Rest and reprieve


I have decided to give up. To quit. To stop. I am exhausted. I have been having some increasingly obnoxious health problems which I can only conclude is my body’s way of saying, ‘Not waving, drowning’. So I have quit internet dating and I have stopped drinking coffee, two highly addictive behaviours that have brought […]