Dear Aunty Em

‘Is it true? I keep bumping into these drop dead gorgeous gals who tell me the singles scene in Sydney is awful and that Sydney blokes are, well, less than desirable. I’d love to hear from the worldly girls about what makes us (yes, I am one) so hopeless. How can we lift our game, […]

Do you need to believe?

I have this problem in romantic relationships where I need to believe it’s going somewhere. It’s like the whole ‘suspension of disbelief’ theory for movies. Sure, we all know that it’s highly unlikely that a stray alien landed in Drew Barrymore’s childhood bedroom but to enjoy the film E.T., you really need to let go of […]

Dear Aunty Em

‘What happens when you’ve been good mates with someone for 15 or 20 years only to wake up one day to a Facebook rant that reveals the shock that they are a Liberal loving Tony Abbott devotee who thinks his plan re: cutting off Aboriginal communities is just giving everyone a ‘fair go’. And you […]

Dear Aunty Em

I’ve found my soul mate – should I really give him up because he’s an idiot about money?’ – Cashless Transaction Dear Cashless Transaction, As someone who was once peer pressured into buying $600 shoes that I couldn’t walk in, I empathise with your dumb ass soul mate. Being stupid about money is something I […]

The real deal

I had the honour (I do not say this lightly) of seeing Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love and  The Signature of All Things, at the Opera House on Sunday. She is GLORIOUS; genuinely shiny and hilarious and grounded and I could gush on forever. She’s the real deal. Lately she’s been hanging out with […]