It’s raining events in Canberra

The capital city of Australia is much more than just politicians and diplomacy. Rather, this city is the middle ground between Melbourne and Sydney and has plenty of treats in store for visitors. During the cooler months of the Australian year, i.e. the months of June, July, and August, Canberra will surprise you with the […]

Upsides of surgery

So I had surgery. It was painful, expensive and time-consuming but also kind of fun. Being in hospital is a suspended state of living. People bring you food and drinks, check your blood pressure, dose you up on painkillers and measure fluids leaking in and out of your body. Your friends visit you and you have […]

Stuff no one talks about

I found my first wolf hair (wiry, black, fast-growing) coming out of my chest a few years ago. ‘WHAT IN THE ACTUAL FUCK IS THAT?!’ I thought, wondering if I’d picked up some stray fluff from a passing mink coat. But no, it was attached to me and since then, I have grown increasingly attached […]

Stuff rich people like

I have had the dubious privilege of hanging out in some pretty fancy places over the past few years. For a girl who grew up in a weatherboard house next to a highway, I am fascinated by the ways of the wealthy. I don’t think I’d even laid eyes on a truly rich person until […]

3 ways to make your luggage stand out

You know that moment when you’re standing at the luggage carousel after a long haul flight and you can’t find your bag? You’re jostling for a front row position to get a better look, but you’re stuck behind a family of size or a couple with eight designer suitcases or a group of twenty-something backpackers. […]

5 tips for business trips

While business trips are fantastic for both personal and career growth, they can easily seem daunting and overwhelming. You not only want to make a great impression and forge strong connections with clients and co-workers, but you also want to have an enriching experience. Because of this, it’s important to take care of the seemingly […]