Op Shop Week!

You could argue that it’s always Op Shop Week at my house but it actually is National Op Shop Week at the moment. I love op shops. I bought tonnes of stuff for The Spark and I’s new place at the Vinnies in Glebe which is a paradise of cheap books, daggy platters, boxed up glassware […]

Hawaii fan club

When I like something, I tend to really, really like it. Obsession is too strong a word but I am devoted to the things I love. Hawaii is one of them and, the weird thing is, it has that effect on a lot of people. I was chatting to my friend Phil and he said […]

Back to the beginning

Finding yourself back at the beginning can feel like failure but here’s the thing: it’s not. A woman I heard speak recently described life as a series of ladders. You climb one, get to the top, look around and then realise, ‘This is not for me’. Then you climb back down and head over to […]

I have a confession

I am a little bit addicted to buying things online. I got tipsy and bought two saris the other night. The thought process went like this: I have to go to an awards function I need to find something to wear Let me just look online There is nothing in my size Argh. I am […]

Stuff my therapist taught me

A few years back, I went to therapy. It was expensive but is was also one of the best investments I have ever made. I’ve always associated therapy with neurotic Woody Allen types but my therapist (technically an Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner) was a poised and elegant English lady named Margaret. She taught me three important lessons; […]

Book travel like a boss

In the digital age, many of us are booking our own travel. But here’s the catch: we’re not experts. Here’s a handy checklist to help you navigate the world of online travel bookings. 1. Passport Has your passport got six month’s validity? If not, apply for a new one ASAP as many countries won’t allow you in […]

Best things ever

When you think back over your life, what are the absolute best things you’ve ever done? Here are mine: Snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef on the Year 10 excursion Getting my puppy Dash, the toy poodle Snorkelling with manta rays on Big Island, Hawaii Hippo-watching as the sun set in the Okavango Delta, Botswana Holding a baby […]

Find your people

The power of special interest groups really hit home on the weekend when I was in the Hunter Valley with my book club. We – a group of five – were talking about the various clubs you can be a member of; Upholstery Club, Taxidermy Club, a Skipakke (Belgian Barge Dog) Facebook group. There is […]