Hello Canberra

Aussies are a weird bunch. We will blithely travel 24 hours to New York to look at The Metropolitan Museum but we won’t visit our own national gallery. The same national gallery that houses $5 billion worth of art. We also happily ignore our national museum, library and portrait gallery in favour of a jaunt around Washington DC, […]

5 reasons sharing rules

Shared houses are generally much cheaper than renting your own place. Here are some reasons why shared living is perfect for students. 1. All-inclusive If you have been lucky enough to secure a spot on campus or in dedicated student accommodation, all-inclusive living makes it easy to stay on top of your budget. Many places offer […]

Dear Aunty Em

Dear Aunty Em, Is ‘Empty Nest Syndrome’ real? What does one do after they have spent the past 20 years of their life living for their children? At only 38, I find myself with no children at home anymore (which my husband loves, and I hate), I have bought another dog, taken up extra study, […]

SheGoes is turning 6

If SheGoes was a child, she would be going on a sugar-fuelled rampage in an Elsa costume right now. God help us all. I started this blog because I wanted to have a voice. Not a client voice. Not a news voice. A ‘me’ voice. A place where I could talk about whatever I want. […]

Dear Aunty Em

‘Dear Aunty Em, I have been seeing a guy for 10 months and I would like to take it to the next level but he never wants to commit to anything. If I try to make plans for the weekend, he says that he can’t commit even though he will organise stuff with his mates […]

New Caledonia: So Frenchy, so sweet

I got a bit fatter in New Caledonia. I’m not proud of myself but wow, those Frenchies know how to bake. Crispy baguettes and butter with every meal, perfectly turned out pastries for breakfast, cakes that are a cut above anything I’ve ever tasted for dessert. And then there’s the Alsace Gerwurztraminers to go with it, the Duty Free Champagne from […]

Today is important

September 10 is Suicide Prevention Day. Did you know that suicide is the number one killer of people under 44 in Australia? For all the Movembers and pink ribbons and road safety awareness campaigns, the thing you should fear the most? Yourself. A woman jogged past me in the park the other day and I heard a […]

Blessed be the creators

I love artists. I love how they share their perspective through their chosen craft. Art is the icing on the cake. The added spice. The splash of colour. How many days have been improved by the right song, a resonant combination of words, or an image that makes the impossible real? I love art’s deep […]

Luxe up your life

Luxury is such a weird thing. We’re meant to aspire to it and, in doing so, peddle hard on the consumer hamster wheel. And it is lovely. I’m not going to lie. I have eaten in some pretty fancy restaurants, stayed in five star resorts and been flown places in business class. But too much luxury can make you […]