Jerk life

I have been a total jerk more times than I can recall but here’s the thing; I didn’t know I was being a jerk at the time. My jerk-ish behaviour is usually fuelled by one of two things – emotion or alcohol. Worst case scenario: both. I have been a monumental jerk to every member […]

Reaching the top

I feel like I have spent my entire life climbing a mountain. Enduring injuries, getting lost, carrying a tonne of stuff uphill and learning to fend for myself in the wild. And now I finally feel like I’ve reach the top of the first mountain. It’s a funny thing when you can wholeheartedly draw a line […]

5 things you didn’t know about Paris

By Candice Teo I’ve done this moving overseas thing a couple of times and still never tire of discovering a new city like a local. My first time in Paris only happened two years ago and I dove straight into pretty much living like the locals for the couple of months that I stayed (which mainly […]

To kid, or not to kid

That is the question. I went to a work function on Friday night and a tipsy mother of two implored me to have a child. Even as her husband was dragging her out the door, she made a break back towards me to reinforce her impassioned plea. This is not an isolated incident. People with […]

Personal power

Earlier this week, I read the heartbreaking account of Muhammed, a Syrian refugee who fled to Austria. The one thing – beyond the horrors of what happened to him and his family (and I do not say horrors lightly – this is akin to what happened to the Jews and the Tutsis) – is the way […]

Grow where you want

Adults are crazy. We, adult humans, spend the first 25 – 35 years of our lives getting an education, building a career and racking up credit card debt only to find ourselves in a place we don’t want to be. Guess what? YOU CAN MOVE. You can change jobs, you can move house, you can change […]