Need to know: Saving apps

I am as good at saving money as Kim Kardashian is at keeping a low profile. I suck at it. The good news is that there are some new apps that help fiscal degenerates like me to budget, save and invest. The top apps are able to consolidate all of your finances and present them in […]

Best summer reads

Yes friends – it is that time of year: the annual summer read-a-thon where you can shamelessly clutch a G&T, slather on some sunscreen and devour as many books as you can carry to the pool, beach or couch. I am in a book club with some very smart, funny women and, as a result, […]

5 places you need to visit in regional Australia

Australia is a country overflowing with beautiful, fun and interesting places to spend your holiday. Once you get outside of the eight capital cities, you’ll find there are thousands of villages, towns and out-of-the-way places to kick your heels up in. To help you plan your next great Australian holiday, here are five fun regional destinations to […]

Fun video: 11 days in a campervan

I’ve been home for all of five days and my feet are itching, itching, itching. Being back at my desk after such a colourful, spicy adventure sucks. One week it’s wild elephants in the afternoon. The next week it’s computer screen, caffeine and fluoro lights. The guys from Wilderness motorhomes in New Zealand just sent me […]

5 reasons to visit Sri Lanka

I knew very little about Sri Lanka before I visited. Tea, cricket and curry, right? Yes but also: there is so much more. I spent my entire visit exclaiming about the exotic wonders that I had never heard about. The ancient cities, the colourful festivals and the British colonial hill stations. What is the Sri […]

Why people care more about Paris

It’s simple. A lot of people have been there, know someone who has, or have French friends. I completely understand why everyone is all WTF about the lack of press coverage and outrage over the attacks in Nigeria, Beirut and Syria but the fact is that most westerners relate more to France than they do […]

Top places to go in Sicily

With its rich historical heritage, the Italian island of Sicily is renowned for its ancient architectural splendours and beaches. The many beautiful historical spots to visit also include the villas of local residents (a factor which is often overlooked by tourists). Along with the many cathedrals and churches that adorn the island centres, this factor […]

Gibraltar Hotel Spring Health Break

“How do you want to feel today?” asks Moore, our sparkly-eyed yoga instructor. This is the basis of all her teachings; to ask yourself how your choices will impact the kind of day you’re going to have. From exercise, to food, to yoga and meditation, the Gibraltar Hotel program covers everything in a down-to-earth, realistic […]