How to bid online

Wow, I have bought some crazy shit online over the years. There was the kaftan phase, the 1960s Murano art glass era and my current obsession, the wedding spree. So how do you avoid getting caught out with some of the common traps of online shopping? Read on for some tips. 1. Read the fine print […]

Spotlight: A review

Craft fanatics, do not be confused. This is the movie I’m reviewing, not the fabric megastore where I used to spend all my money. In fact, the title is the only thing about this movie that is not brilliant. Spotlight. What does it mean? Does it conjure up any intrigue? Nope. But the movie? Let’s talk about that. […]

Holiday ideas for any couple to get lost in

Holiday ideas for any couple to get lost in Couples’ holidays can be enjoyed whatever your age, and however long you’ve been together. Getting lost can be a wonderful way to get to know one another, regardless of how long you’ve actually been together, and there are some fantastic destinations just begging to be explored […]

Nigella Lawson: A review

I saw Nigella Lawson in conversation with Annabel Crabb last night and HOLY FAN GIRL, it was amazing. The tittering, besotted energy in the room was as tangible as clotted cream on a scone. She is everything she purports to be and more. It was such a thrill to hear the mellifluous voice of one of my feminist […]

Dear Aunty Em: Abusive dad

‘When I was 12 I witnessed my dad physically abuse my mother in front of my younger siblings and two closest cousins. I ran to the neighbours for help, they called the police. My mum, siblings and I spent three weeks staying with friends and family. Mum went back after dad promised to never do […]

Getting old

It’s sneaking up on me. A few grey hairs have become hundreds. A few kilos have become fifteen. My knee hurts and old injuries ache. And yet … I am no longer freaked out about my appearance. I don’t wear make up everyday and I don’t care what I look like in exercise gear. I laugh about […]

Sydney’s best eats for >$20

I am no food blogger but I didn’t get this fat sitting around eating salad. I have lived in Sydney for over 12 years now (with a little tree change in the middle) and this is the greatest eating city in the world. Melbourne can suck my shashlik. Read on to reach Sydney food nirvana for […]

Smashed: A review

Glebe St Vincent de Paul is the next best thing to a library. My suburb is full of nerds; students, teachers, activists and thinkers. Hence, the Vinnies here is a gold mine for second-hand books. That’s how, for a mere $3, I wound up with Koren Zailckas’ 2005 memoir ‘Smashed’. This is like Bridget Jones’ […]

Scoot: A review

Low-cost airlines are something I have a lot of time for ever since I went back to being a journo (see: financial destitution). Subsequently, I have concertinaed myself into every kind of cheap seat for a short-haul flight to Asia and I am here to tell you, there is a big difference between carriers. In the same way that […]

The thing about resolutions

You won’t act on them until you’re ready. No arbitrary date will make you lose weight, no fireworks display will help you quit smoking, and you won’t get out of debt simply because you decided that this is the year. Change can be glacially slow or hummingbird rapid. Why? Because something needs to change in your chemistry, […]