Kings Canyon day tour: A review

Anyone who knows me, knows that 3.45am is not a time of day I see a lot of. Journalists are a fairly evening-centric bunch seeing as though it’s still frowned on to start drinking before noon. It was with some shock that I almost enjoyed sunrise as the AAT Kings coach bowled along the long, straight road towards […]

Hotels vs serviced apartments

Do you have a preference? I have just compiled the annual Hot 100 Hotels, Resorts and Venues for the magazine that I edit and I’ve noticed that a lot more serviced apartment hotel brands have sprung up. What’s even better is that they’re kinda sexy. In the old days, serviced apartment hotels were only a […]

The world’s best race days

So The Spark and I are wondering: what are the world’s best race days? We have decided that we are going to go to one race day a year that we have never been to before. The problem is that we don’t know where to start. Country, provincial or metropolitan races in Australia? The Spark is a race buff […]

Field of Light Uluru: A review

Last night, I stood in the Central Western Desert looking out over auburn sand and scrubby Desert Oaks; Uluru in one direction and a totally wacky art installation in the other. Bush flies were buzzing around my head, my Champagne glass was half empty, and the stars were pushing their way through the gauzy blue […]

Can all flowers be delivered safely?

You may not be able to remember it, but there was a time when people used to call at a flower shop or stall to buy flowers in person. Of course, that can still happen, and some people prefer the peace of mind of knowing exactly what they are buying because they can see the […]

Sydney’s best theatres

It seems that I spend half my life in a theatre of some sort. Whether it’s a movie theatre or theatre venue, Sydney has plenty of hidden gems. From the very obvious to the totally obscure, here is a list of Sydney’s best theatres where you’re guaranteed to find some culture to sink your teeth […]

7 tips for female travellers dating abroad

Read on for an American woman’s tips for finding love on the road. Plenty of women travel the world either with friends or on their own. Most the time they will find themselves having a bit of a romance and possibly even meeting their future husband. While this is incredible and exciting, it is crucially important […]

Ten ways to improve your day

You know those mornings when you wake up feeling like crap? Maybe you slept badly, you’re hungover, the kids kept you up or the neighbours were noisy? Maybe you’re sick, worn out from life, or you’ve been dumped or otherwise hurt emotionally? Either way, you’re not feeling awesome. Here are ten ways that you can turn that ship […]

What equality means to me

The widely accepted belief is that being a woman sucks more than being a man. That we’ve spent our lives being the object of sexual harassment, being beaten up by our partners and being underpaid for our work. All of these things are as true for men (and disabled and indigenous people) as they are for women. I […]

When is the best time to visit Japan?

This is a tough question to answer because each month and season boasts something wonderful in Japan. Let’s consider each of Japan’s four main islands and the ideal times to visit each region according to your itinerary. Best time to visit Honshu Many of the most famous Japanese cities and attractions are found on the […]