A reaction against shiny

I feel a creeping desire to become shabbier. Not dye my hair or wear make up. Forget about fashion. Give up trying to be cool. I’ve spent many years trying to shape myself into something acceptable but the problem is that I’m becoming apathetic about impressing people. Shininess takes so much work, energy, time and […]

Win a trip to Europe

No kidding you guys! You can actually win a one week Rail Europe trip that includes flights to Paris, hotels and food. I have been putting off going to Europe forever. I am always scared that I don’t have enough money to do what I want to do (hint: drink wine, look at art and […]

Five best heritage venues in Sydney

You want to throw a party in a crumbly, old building? I hear you! I love heritage architecture, especially Victorian-era civic buildings that took decades to build and went waaaaay over budget. Here are my Sydney faves. 1. The Tearoom Located on the top floor of the Queen Victoria Building on George St, the tearooms are […]

What you want in a hotel

Lately I’ve been asking people about what they want in a hotel. The response is surprising. It’s not better technology, bigger rooms or fancier service. People want basic stuff, done well. Here’s the top 10: 1. Real milk. Australian travellers seem to hate UHT and coffee creamer. 2. Real coffee, not instant. Please give us real coffee, preferably not in […]

iFly: A review

You like the sound of skydiving but you’re too scared to jump from a plane? Congratulations! You just passed the first test of survival. Leaping out of a plane is dumb. Fun, but unequivocally numbskull behaviour. Enter iFly; the next best thing. Except it’s not really anything like it. To compare iFly with skydiving is like comparing […]

Not all bloggers are idiots

My friend linked to a brutal takedown of ‘mommy bloggers’ on Facebook this morning. It was an interesting read, coming as it did from a blogger who had profited heavily from the blogging industry. I am a weirdo in the sense that I am a journalist/blogger/former PR. There’s a prevailing sentiment that journalists hate bloggers and PRs, […]

Know who has your money

I realise I’m starting to sound a bit ‘conspiracy theorist’ but I assure you that I am years away from moving into a cave and wrapping my head in Alfoil. I am currently devoted to finding out where my money is going and having a say in the way it’s spent. I have changed my super fund to […]

Mother’s Day for step mums

I am a step mum (even though that thought seems too big for my head). I may never have kids so my two step daughters could be my only chance to be a parent of any kind. And yet, I have no stake in them. Nothing biological to tie us together, no authority. As a step […]

Why you should spend local

I just spent the past two days at a conference that was all about making money. The words yield, capital, investment and RevPar (Revenue Per Available Room) were bandied around like bon mots. I hated it. When the CEO of a company I have supported for a long time started talking about property development without […]